The text on the screen

I love Redwall, my favourite edition of the TV show being Martin the Warrior, but there was one part which really annoyed me. The death of a fox named Skalrag. It was pretty gory in the original book, but in the TV series, he was tickled to death! I was hugely annoyed, being an avid Redwall fan. But one day, I was looking at some DVDs at a shop, and I cam across a DVD which said "Martin the Warrior: Skalrag's original death" On the cover, the title was in blood-red text, and Skalrag was looking at me. His eyes were blank, but he had a disturbing smile on his face. I decided to buy the DVD anyway, and I got it for only £3! I was amazed that the thing was so cheap, and I soon found out why.

Heading home, I glanced at the cover again, and flinched when I noticed it had changed. This time, Skalrag was pointing at me, and his face was sad. He had tears running down his cheeks. Once I was home, I switched on the DVD, and the name of the deleted scene came up: "Skalrag's Original Death" The scene didn't look finished yet, which was understandable. It showed two pirate stoats, Badrang and Clogg, walking around Marshank, Badrang's fortress. As soon as the clip started, Clogg said, "I ain't never used spy beasts, matey," to which Badrang replied, "If I find any, I usually torture 'em." 

At that precise moment, the camera cut to Skalrag, but what I saw was...oh, my God, Skalrag! He was being skinned much screaming...all that scarlet blood running down the walls, splattering onto the ground like macabre rain... I could barely watch without feeling sick. Badrang looked at the camera, and began to laugh. It was horrible. Never had laughter sounded so cold, so dark, so evil. Suddenly, a woman's voice began screaming: "WAIT, WHAT IS THIS!? WE DIDN'T MAKE THIS, BOSS! HONEST! NO! NO, DON'T SHOOT ME! DON'T SHOOT ME!" There was a terrible bang, and the screen went black. Some red text came up, saying, "YOU DIED" and the scene ended.

I removed the disc and smashed it to pieces with a hammer, hoping never to see it again. If you ever find a copy of this, smash it immediately without viewing it. It's for your own good.