One day I was looking for ROBLOX And Friends episodes and at the very bottom it said Mariokeith1.wmv (DOWNLOAD NOW) and has a video thumbnail of mariokeith1 holding a down arrow. I watched the video and after that, I downloaded it for free and the zip file has 1 video and text file. I clicked on the text file first and it said CHECK OUT THE VIDEO OF MARIOKEITH1 STARING AT YOU! IT'S REALLY FINE! I clicked on the video and it started with Mariokeith1 staring at the screen for 2 minutes. Then cut to static and went back to MK1. Then cut to static again and went back to MK1, but a little different with red eyes. After 1 second, it cut to static for last time and went back to MK1 but a lot different. He has red eyes, gray bows, a deformed head, black skin. It went for 1 minute until he yells "THIS IS NOT FINE! I AM ANOTHER EVIL NOW AND WANNA DIE? WANNA DIE?". I was surprised. Then he yelled "Keith Arnault, you are next.". Then cut to the black screen for 10 seconds. And the video ended. I was confused I gonna have nightmares now and a skeleton popped out at the window of my house making me laugh. The next day, I went to the bathroom and saw the bloody message in the sink and said "NO WAY OUT NOW, YOU CAN'T RUN.". I checked my MK1 doll in the living room and was stained in blood. Don't worry I still got a second MK1 doll. I threw my first MK1 doll out the window. The next day, I heard the sound and saw the deformed head with gray bows. I think it's another evil MK1 from the video. I warn you to never watch mysterious videos that you will find on youtube or some other websites. Thank you for taking your time reading this and have a nice day.

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