Remember Mac Tonight, it was a short-lived Mcdonald's ad that lasted through the 80's. Well, recently, I was on youtube, looking up Mac Tonight ads from the 80's. I found one called "Moonman murders someone LOST NEW MAC TONIGHT AD!!!" and decided to click on it being the stupid person I am. It started with Moonman, in a dark room with a woman, she had a tape over her mouth.

Moonman talked in a robotic voice, like in the parodies with Moonman, "Hello, I'm Moonman and I will strangle a woman to death like the nasty KKK faggot you guys say I am...". After that he began to choke her to death, she screamed, I could make out 'Help'. Blood leaked out from the duck-tape that was on her mouth, as Moonman said: "GOODNIGHT, KKK" as the video ended and shows the links.

I decided to go bed. But, I saw something shocking outside my window... It was Moonman holding the woman's head saying 'You will pay' he aimed a gun at me and shot me.

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