• hello! people this is Ramirez and this is my first story hope you enjoy it!

when i slept on sept 20 when i was bad i had a horrible dream

which i was stuck at a Museum i was banging on the door screaming this OH PLEASE! OH PLEASE!

GET ME OUT OF HERE! but the zombie said aha! are you gonna go out and tell iron golems to finish me off? thats so weird and not to happen! you will be stuck here! the zombie raised some eating tools and begin to cackle as he instantly approaches me and i am now huddling in fear iron golem police officers saw me 5 rushed to rescue me while 8 watched me i was screaming as the zombie raised his knife on the air and he then stabbed me causing blood to splatter on the paintings then he constantly eats my organs and slit my wrists mangled my legs chopped of my hands rip my head popped my eyes out stabbed me multiple times more blood splattered on the paintings then i constantly collapsed and hit the ground and died the iron golem officers found me they reported to the beagle police that i died then the dream bursts into static and ends i was shocked when i awakened but i calmed myself down by panting thankfully it was just a horrible dream.