It was 12:00am, September 19th, 2007

My channel was on at Adult Swim, they've already showed an episode of ATHF. And instead of Squidbilles comming on, an episode of Brian Time appeared out of knowhere, Oh, and a note: I looked at the guide and it said Squidbilles, i'm dead serious man. The episode was called MY MARSHMALLOWS and it showed a picture of Brian shooting Brad with a gun with the text in New Times Roman font. The episode started with brad about to eat marshmallows, but brian gives the marshmallows all to himself. Then brad said "MY FUCKIN MARSHMALLOWS!!!". Brian pointed a gun at him, with his hair shaved with bits of blood on his head. and shot it at brad, and that was the end of the episode.
Brian Suicide

A snapshot

Well done CN, well done.

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