WARNING - This story is similar to The Death of Mac creepypasta. So please don't be going "HURRR DURRR!!! YOU COPIED TEH DEATH OF MAC PASTA!!!", This is just a story different to The Death of Mac pasta.

Everyone remember MLP FiM, right? Well, there was  an episode that never aired. This will be episode 14 of season 3. This is how it all started, I had a job at Hasbro Studios. My job started in 2010, the same year as MLP FiM came out. But in 2013, I got fired. While I was walking out of the Hasbro studio building. I saw a DVD reading  " My Little Pony Friendship is Magic season 3, episode 14 ". Then I said to myself  " What the heck, how can season 3 can have the 14th episode ". Then I walked in to my house and watched the DVD. There was no main menu but a black screen showed up and started to flash to red meaning that the DVD is not for boys. Then after 30 minutes, the intro started, but something was wrong with it. The animation looked very rough like it wasn't finished yet. Also the audio was pitched down two octaves and was very distorted. So, after the intro of course, the title of the episode popped up in bloody red saying  " DEAD TWILIGHT SPARKLE ". It showed Pinkie Pie going into Twilight's house. The animation seemed okay in this scene. Then cuts to the inside of the house. Pinkie Pie then said in a very scary voice  " Hello, Twilight. Today I am going to tell you something ". Twilight Sparkle then said in a very surprised voice  " What, what you are going to do to me ". Then Pinkie Pie said  " I'm going to kill you " in a same voice like Bowser did in many Mario games. Then Twilight Sparkle said  " NO, GOD, PLEASE DON'T KILL ME " in a man's voice. The man doesn't sound like Twilight's voice. He sounded like he was about to get angry. The death of Twilight Sparkle is cut and is replaced by a black screen. Twilight's screams can be heard in the background. Then it cuts to Pinkie Pie with wet hair and red eyes. She said  " SEE YOU IN HELL GIRL ". The background had flames. Then it cuts to the tombstones of how many ponies had died. One said  " Help me " and then the others said  " Whyyyy ". Then it cuts to Fluttershy, Applejack and Rainbow Dash. They said  " Oh gosh, Pinkie killed Twilight ".  Then it cuts to Twilight with blood all over her. She said " Why, why didn't you save me ". Then she started to cry as the camera zooms out. The lost episode ends with a black screen and Uzbek text translating into  " You couldn't save Twilight Sparkle. This is all your fault. End of series, Goodbye ". Then the credits roll, but however they read "WARNING, THIS EPISODE IS NOT TO BE FOR BOYS OR BABIES " in japanese. Then I took the disc out and smashed it. The episode was then aired by on the Hub Network because people would be scared by the content of that episode.