When I was looking in my user, I was looking for any leftover MLP episodes, one caught my eye. It was a .zip file called Suited For Success Bootleg I get confused. And I don't even remember downloading a bootleg copy of an episode. I went ahead and went into it, it had two files. readme.txt and MLP SUITED FOR SUCCESS - BOOTLEG COPY.avi the readme.txt said "This is the only known MLP bootleg copy of an episode. Watch at your own risk." After i read it, I hurried and closed it. And watched the bootleg copy. Scared, inside my mind I feel like I found a bootleg! And I noticed it had static and very dark-like. It was night. Twilight and AJ came in as usual, but never spoke. Just rudely came in with hyper-realistic red eyes. Rarity was making her dress, then out of nowhere, Twilight stabs Rarity with hyper-realistic liquid blood squirts on the screen, and even when the screen switches it doesn't come off. Like it was a real camera's lens. Rarity falls on the ground and it shows her corpse. 5 seconds later it cuts to static. The blood is now gone it cuts to Twilight. Who was looking depressed from the red mist clip 2 and she was walking back home. Static can be heard, although with a couple dead ponies in the background. Sometimes the can be seen with red realistic eyes. It lasted for 3 minutes. After, the screen glitches with a noise. Corrupted glitch noise. Then it completely glitches. Twilight is seen on the screen. Staring at me. Then 10 seconds later, she says in a grim voice, "death is our only release" then she commits suicide. The screen glitches hard. With distorted glitch noises. Then it ends. I deleted it for good. And I never saw the bootleg copy ever again.