It was one boring sunny day,suddenly the mailman appeared with a package. It was a DVD that said MELTYBLOOD.EXE. I put it into my laptop. I started playing. But something shocked me.Sonic was in the roster. Sonic wasn't supposed to BE in Melty Blood! This was probably a hacked copy. I played as him against Arcrueid,and Sonic had a sad look on his face. After that,Aoko Aozaki appeared and started to STAB Arcrueid! She(Aoko) told Sonic that he was gonna die next. Sonic was now VERY scared. He had a horrified look. Even though Aoko Aozaki is one of my favorite characters in Melty Blood,this was getting creepier! I now had to play as Sonic to run away from Aoko. Sonic then fell down. But then THIS happens. Aoko appears behind Sonic,and Sonic says"Okay,okay you found me! Don't hurt me!" But Aoko grabbed Sonic and started to rip out his entrails and started to EAT Sonic's entrails. Shrieking was heard, and it cut to a game over screen with all the characters dead.Aoko was in front of them. She was holding Sonic's head with a bunch of blood all over it. The game then crashed,and then I took the DVD out and started smashing it in half. I still play the Melty Blood games as Aoko,but I will never forget this experience. 

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