Hello my name is Jonson I'm 14 years old i was watching pound puppies on the hub and then there was a another episode was coming up then I prepared for the episode then it came on instead of a intro it just shows a black background and white words that said хзшба хшххщуа which means pound puppies in Russian so the episode starts with all of the characters were absent except for lucky it starts out with a creepy hallway then I hear Freddy's music box from five nigths at Freddy's then lucky with the eyes from Spongebob bootleg and the smile from smile dog then it cuts to red static for 2 minutes then lucky gets closer then more red static for 2 seconds then lucky but he gets more closer then red static for 2 seconds then lucky was right next to the screen with Freddy's demonic laugh and the screaming from Sally.exe and then it show lucky haggin him self then it ends with static so that was my first lost episode reaction

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