Have you ever heard of the show, Pound Puppies on The Hub Network? You know the dogs from there? Well, i found a lost episode.


A few weeks ago, i was watching Pound Puppies. After i was done, i went on demand and searched pound puppies. Then i saw a episode that said "Lucky.avi". But the weird thing is it had no description, but i didn't care. I watched the episode.

It all started with Lucky standing in a white background. There was no intro or credits, all the characters were absent (except for lucky), and lucky wasn't moving, talking, or singing. Just standing there. It stayed for 5 seconds. Then it cutted to static about 10 seconds. Then it went back to Lucky standing for 2 seconds and cutted to a 2-second static. And it cutted to Lucky, but he looked so different. Lucky was black and white, he had soulless eyes, and his mouth was completely gone. He started to glitch and there was eerie music with increasing volume. It showed a picture of a demon t-rex consuming a Triceratops.

The picture stayed about 3 seconds and went back to lucky. It looked like Lucky was cutted by an axe and stayed for 1 second and the axe and blood vanished. Then, a black hole started growing in the middle of the background. Neither real or cartoon, but CGI. Lucky has red eyes and there were brown colors everywhere. and after the black hole made the background completely black, I heard a human scream mixed with a wolf howl. Then it showed red eyes growing and i started hearing a demon laugh and then cutted to static. I became dizzy after the episode end.

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