I was looking at the episode list on Wikipedia to find that no episode called "Louie's punishment " was released.

I thought this as an adventure to myself, and I contacted Nickelodeon, the company that made The haunted hathaways. I asked them for a complete production guide of the haunted Hathaways. They sent it to me via mail.

I looked at it, compared it to Wikipedia's list, and I noticed something was wrong with one of the episodes. "Haunted bowling", which was the episode was missing. At the bottom of the list was an episode titled "The death of Louie". I asked for a synopsis, but they refused to give me one, stating it was personal information.

I then googled "Louie's death" Then, I found something. It was on rapidshare. The file's name was "", and I downloaded it. I went to "My Downloads" and I found the folder. It contained two files. One was a notepad file. It was titled "(blank).txt", I opened it. It read: Watch at your own risk. I opened the windows media file and it played. The first part was the same episode I saw when I was a kid. However, something felt off. The theme song was disorted, Michelle was sitting on a stool crying. Only it sounded real. She began crying and it started to sound like laughing. Suddenly it cut to Louie. Louie was lying down on the floor. His head was ripped off. I paused it there. I felt sick. But what made me sick more was it wasn't clay blood. It either was food colouring, or it was real. Then a dark black demon beast with red eyes appeared It said "Your life will be all pitch black in a few seconds. You must be smart enough to play this backwards, becaause you're stupid enough to believe me". My chest pounded. The credits were in Times New Roman. The background continued to show the disturbing images. It closed with a picture of a mask with red eyes. The mask suddenly said in the disorted voice: "Darkness begins now". Then he killed Louie. Suddenly, my computer froze. Then, the lights flickered, and the power went out. The power came back a few seconds later.

I was now shaking, and I wanted to find the source of the film.

The idea came to me that I should post it on YouTube to see what other people thought, as the file was till on my computer. It got about 200 or something views and there were 2 comments. One of them said "OMG so freaking creepy im never watching haunted Hathaways ever again". The other one said "I hope this is fake, but stuff that creeped me out". I was looking forward to my success. Suddenly, as I came back to the video a few hours later, the video wasn't there. There was a message stating "This video has been removed as requested by (Unknown)". I immidiately freaked out after this, and I became scared. A few minutes later, a virus got onto my computer even though Anti Virus was on, which I found odd. My computer crashed.

But for the last four seconds, there is text on the screen that reads "oen timd acshun wil be bdaldly" ("One timed action will be badly"). Exactly that, as if it was written by a preschooler. After the clip finished, my computer shut down.

After seeing this video, I have never been the same. I've been angrier, crueler, and more anxious than ever before. It has haunted my mind all the time. I regret downloading the video in the first place. I wish I could just go back in tiAkladsjaoao4|f.

The writer of the story was found dead. He left the story on a notepad file on his computer the last part was gibberish.

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