have you ever heard carmela a Philippine Telenovela drama played by marian rivera a beautiful actress?? if you don't know her, just search it from google and here's my story about lost episode of carmela

hi my name is job montecarlo i live here in the philippines & i love surfing till night & i'm a fan of marian rivera, here's my story:one night i've always surfing net like facebook and youtube then while tv was turning on then i watch the episode of carmela i'm so excited then i hear static their voices was muted off but only static but tv was better quality then turns to static again then freezes as you can see my i only hear the click & pop then static then image appears just like this picture of marian in her casket was lying down i have notice this her eyes opened very evil look and look like a real blood but no props it's actually real blood! then back in normal, carmela was in a car accident then they reported 24 oras news said " Marian Rivera Was Passed Away because car accident while she's having a taping shooting Of Primetime drama Carmela" then changing in static i saw a writing scary font text said "job pls kill yourself & GET THE HELL OUT OF THIS FUCKING PLANET!!" then i hear the background it was a screaming from hell louder and louder screaming painful for agony then i unplugged the tv it wasn't turn of then i decided i really want to destroy like smash the tv then my dad hear the banging and cracking then go downstair, my dad get mad in front of me he said GET OUT OF MY HOUSE JOB THEN I'M NOT YOUR SON JUST KILL YOURSELF JOB YOU GODDAMNIT!!! while i'm turining back i saw marian in a creepy standing pose her face was very bloody i don't wanna see marian rivera & watch carmella again!!!!

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