It all started with me on Amazon. All I was looking for was a good movie to get, but as I was scrolling down, I see a CD for sale. It said: "Spongebob Lost Episode." I was interested, since I loved Spongebob when I was a kid, and I thought it would bring back some good memories. So I finally decided to buy it. When I went to the page, there wasn't much info on it. So I bought it for 60$, and the weird thing was, the guy that sold me it messaged me back:

"Thank You, THANK YOU!" like he was happy it was gone. I ignored it and moved on with my day. A week later, I get it in the Mail. I was excited, so I ran back to my house and popped it into my DVD player.

Spongebob.... Title Card

The title card for the episode.

The episode started normally, but I noticed the title card. It was labeled: "Spongebob...." I thought it was a little weird, but I got over it. Instead of the episode starting with Spongebob waking up or him walking out of his house, It started with Patrick walking outside of his rock and with no happy music playing. Patrick looked over at Spongebob's House, and was surprised to see no Spongebob, like he was expecting him. I also noticed, Spongebob's house looked dead. There were no plants around his house, and it just looked plain.

Patrick then went to Squidward's house, and knocked on his door. Like Squidward usually was, annoyed, then asked Patrick what he wanted. Patrick asked if has seen Spongebob, but Squidward just slams the door on him. Patrick looks back again, but this time, Spongebob was outside, on his lawn, looking at him. Spongebob....looked different. His eyes were BIG, and were black. His body looked dead as well, like it was decaying. He was also breathing hard. He wasn't even smiling.....It wasn't pretty.

I was starting to feel uneasy, but for some reason I kept watching. Patrick was scared, and started banging on Squidward's door, really hard, screaming: "SQUIDWARD!". The screaming sounded real, as if his voice actor was actually terrified. Squidward finally opened the door, looking really annoyed, asked: "WHAT!?". Patrick screamed "Look!" and they both looked back, but there was no one there. Squidward looked at Patrick with a mad face, and slammed the door on him again.

After that part, the video got a little blurry, and It would sometimes skip frames. I thought it was just that the creators never finished the episode. Anyway, Patrick went back to his rock, with a really depressed face. When he came back to his rock, his lights were off. He turned them on, but when he did, Spongebob, looking the same as he did at his House, was right next to him. Patrick screamed really loud, it almost broke my speakers. Then the screen went black. Then you could hear Patrick scream, but I started to notice, It wasn't his voice, It was someone screaming in pain for real, like if they recorded a person being tortured. The screaming went on for about a minute. I was about to turn it off, but it finally stopped. Then it went to a hyper-realistic drawing of Patrick, laying there, with his stomach ripped open and his guts everywhere.

Then it went to a picture of Spongebob, looking like he did in the episode, smiling. His mouth was sown shut. Also, there was blood running down his mouth. Right after it showed that picture, there was a high pitch scream, it was so loud that it almost made my ear bleed. Finally, the screaming stopped, and then it quickly showed gory images of people's heads being cut off, stuff like that. The credits then rolled, and I was just standing there, with my jaw open.

I decided to contact the guy that sold me this, but he just sent me a link to a video, and I clicked it..but I wish I didn't. The video was a guy (Most likely the guy that sold me the CD.) screaming, and then grabed his gun that was on his table, and shot himself. The camera was covered with blood, and I was just standing there, shocked. I get a message, from the user, saying:

"You're fucked."

I quickly shut my computer down, and grabbed the disk and burned it.

Now I don't know what they were thinking when making this, but whatever you do, don't watch it. If you do see it, burn it. It's for your own good.

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