When I was young, I loved watching cartoons. Who didn’t? But my favourite one of all time was, and still is, LEGO Ninjago. I adored its characters, and actually fell in love with General Skales, leader of the Serpentine. He was soooooo CUTE!

Anyway, something happened once that terrified me, and really put me off watching that show. I was searching random things on youtube, when I came across a video called: Acidicus. DO NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO! I thought that it might be a cheesy screamer vid, so I watched it anyway.

A sign came up on the screen, saying “THis wiLl lOoK BeTtEr oN A bIGgeR sCReeN.” I instantly switched to full screen, a little unnerved by the way the text was written. The video turned out to be a lost episode of Ninjago. It started out like any other Ninjago ep, but after Sensei Wu said “Previously, on Ninjago.” there was no recap. Instead, it just skipped straight to when the Ninjas appeared and demonstrated their powers. But instead of the usual cool music, there was silence, which quickly turned into a white noise.

Eventually, the name of the episode came up, but Sensei’s voice sounded distorted. He said: “Episode 14: One Way Ticket To Pythor.” Mmmkay, I thought. This’ll be interesting. The start of the episode showed Skales and the other Serpentine standing in front of a building. I was glad this ep had Skales in it, and turned up the volume so I could hear what they were saying.

Oddly, they weren’t saying anything. And this wasn’t the cheeky, mischievous Skales I knew and loved either. He looked like he had failed at life. The door of the building opened and Lord Garmadon stepped out. “Skales, come inside.” he said. He, too, looked sad and disappointed.

The two of them went inside, and Garmadon said: “Skales, do you want me to do this?” Skales’ reply shocked me. “Yesss, Lord Garmadon. I want nothing more than to be with Pythor again.”

That was when the nightmare began. Garmadon took out a gun and gave it to Skales, who instantly pointed it at himself and pulled the trigger. I screamed in terror, tears running down my cheeks, but the horror didn’t stop there. Acidicus, Skales’ brother, entered the room and saw what had happened. The screen cut to black for about seven minutes, and when it came back again, Acidicus could be seen doing something unspeakable.

He was standing in a bathroom, facing a mirror, and before my eyes, he took out a pair of scissors, and cut a hellish smile into his face. He did this agonisingly slowly, and all the while, I could hear a series of excruciating screams in the background. When Acidicus had finally stopped, he looked at the camera and said “You could be next to join Skales and Pythor, but what do I know? I’m just an insane demon!” before laughing in a demented voice, stabbing himself in the chest, and falling against the camera.

I was crying so hard that my face and throat were burning for two days, and I became severely dehydrated. After two weeks, I looked up the episode again, trying to find some information on it. What I found in a headline sent a chill down my spine.


In a shocking turn of events, a teenage girl discovered a lost Ninjago episode which proved so horrific that it almost killed her. She didn’t know it, but her computer webcam recorded the whole thing, and emailed it to the TV show producers. It was analysed as the forgotten episode which was banned permanently from the internet, as the kids who watched it committed suicide, usually by stabbing or jumping from heights.

It is unknown who uploaded the episode, or who even rediscovered it, but when questioned about it, the producer began crying hysterically, and whispered: ‘The Devil made me do it!” before instantly dropping dead.”

One Way Ticket To Pythor, more like One Way Ticket To Hell.