When the first editions of a TV series based on the Redwall books were released, there was nothing wrong about them. They were perfect. But when Martin the Warrior was released on DVD, hundreds of people supposedly committed suicide due to a deleted scene which came along with the episodes.

The deleted scene, strangely, had no name. It started off weird right from the start. It was just an image of the main villain of the story, Lord Badrang, staring at the audience, with no expression at all. Then, very slowly, Badrang's blank face slowly turned into a frown, his eyes becoming angry and his brows lowering. He stayed like this for five seconds, before his angry look slowly merged into a smirk. A hideous smile began to curl upwards on either side of the stoat's face. He then made a demonic scream, and pictures of dead weasels, stoats, ferrets etc flashed by quickly.

Everything went black for half a minute, and then. the sound of someone sobbing could be heard. The screen slowly lit up again, and showed Badrang standing against a wall, clutching his head, sobbing uncontrollably. Strangely, there were no tears running down his cheeks. His sobbing started to sound like laughter. Badrang began twitching around like a mad dog, and the camera began jerking from side to side. The animation began to decay, and you could barely see anything. The sound was like a terrible mixture of crying, screaming and laughing.

Suddenly, the animation went back into focus. Then, there was a yell and a knife went flying through the air...and stabbed Badrang in the stomach. Realistic looking blood sprayed everywhere, and Badrang collapsed on the floor, his blood staining his fur. The camera zoomed slowly in on his head, showing his glassy, bloodshot eyes, already becoming cloudy. His mouth was wide open, his tongue hanging out. It was only now that the stoat had tears running down his cheeks. A piece of German text which roughly said, "Sweet dreams are made of this" appeared on the screen, before it cut to black and the clip ended.

Nelvana denied ever making that scene (which has been dubbed Lordbadrang.avi) or having anything to do with it when questioned, but the disturbing video still the vault. It has been permanently locked away so that no more lives will be taken. That's why you can't find it on the DVD any more; the risk of death is just too great.