Anyone remember the Dr. Seuss book The Lorax, right? In 2012, there's a movie based on the book. It was made by the same people who made Despicable Me. The Once-ler's face was shown in the movie while in the book and the TV special doesn't. He seems to be cute or hot (I think he's hot).


Here is what the avi file looks like. I wouldn't click on it if I were you...

It all started with a nice day. I was playing on my computer and got bored. I decided to search on Google to look for The Lorax DVDrip better than watching the movie on the TV. At the very bottom of the page, it said: "". It was at Mediafire. I downloaded the file and it took 10 minutes to complete the download. When the download finishes, I clicked the file and there was a folder saying: "LORAX". I clicked it and there were 2 files. First, the file was a txt file. It was called: "readme.txt", I opened it. It simply read: "watch". Then the second file was a avi file, saying: "Lorax.avi". I double clicked the avi file and Windows Media Player pops up.

The Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment logos were not there. Instead, it showed the introduction of the movie. It started off pretty normal about Ted has a crush on local environmentalist Audrey and decides to find a real tree in order to impress her, but at the middle of it, it went to black. I realized that it was a bootleg copy of The Lorax, the scene went to black for 5 minutes, once it resumed, it cuts to the Truffula Tree forest, but something's wrong.

Instead of being cute, happy, friendly, wonderful and amazing, it was dark, dead, and it was on fire. The sky was bloody red. The Truffula Trees were dead and there were forest animals (Bar-ba-loots, Swomee-Swans, and Humming Fish) dead, evaporating, and even committing suicide. There were 3 fishes (like in the regular movie were 3 fish were singing in the movie) dead on the ground bleeding. There was a note pinned on them, saying: "HELP US..." I paused the video and said to myself: "What the hell is this? I thought it was a family movie?". I kept watching.

Then it showed a scene where The Once-ler holding a Bar-ba-loot. The Bar-ba-loot appeared to be Pipsqueak. He looked shocked and scared. The Once-ler threw Pipsqueak into the ground and pulls out a... gun!?! He aims it to Pipsqueak. The Once-ler. laughs under his breath as he pulls the trigger. The bullet hits Pipsqueak in the side of the head as he died. Blood is seen trickling down Pipsqueak's head, into a large pool of blood. It wasn't CG blood. It appeared to be real. "Goodnight, Pipsqueak." The Once-ler said in a demonic voice.

The Lorax came here and yells: "ONCE-LER! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO THE ANIMALS? WHY?" The Once-ler replys, saying: "I... I lied..." The Lorax shouts: "YOU LIED?! THAT'S IT. I'LL KILL YOU FOR KILLING THE ANIMALS!". Then The Lorax pulls out a knife and rips The Once-ler in the throat. He began to gag before he died. After he died, The Lorax holds Pipsqueak’s lifeless body in his arms, while crying with what sounded like a broken music box playing in the background. In the background The Once-ler's dead body could be seen with several stab wounds.

Instead of the credits rolling, a blood-red Japanese text came up on a black screen, saying "この地獄の唯一の道は自殺です", in English it means "The only way out of this hell is suicide".

The video clip ended. I deleted "Lorax.avi" and even the zip file. It was too scary and horrible!

And, to continue my disbelief, a skeleton popped out.

Beware, if you see "Lorax.avi", DON'T DOWNLOAD IT FOR GOD'S SAKE!