The Lizard Squad's photo.

Lately I had just got my PS4, which I was expecting to get as my first gift hat I would open on Christmas Day as I creeped down the stairs before mom and dad woke up. Then once I opened up the first present, I nearly had a heart attack to find that I finally had the PS4! The PS4 however looked different. It was the rare white bundle of Destiny, and was completely white. I even got the game The Crew, and inFamous Second Son. I always wanted those games along with the PS4 itself, which made me extremely happy and excited. However I am not sure if I will be able to play The Crew due to the Lizard Group hacking into both PSN and Xbox Live, and since we all live in the country literally in the middle of nowhere. But I proceeded with playing my new PS4 anyway. It was hard setting up the cables because our TV already has too many chords that have already been plugged in. Eventually I got it set up after a huge mess of chords tackled me as I was setting it up. Then I put in The Crew first thing, and then once I started playing it, it required me to download the latest update. The PSN was working fine until after I downloaded the update for The Crew.

After I downloaded The Crew’s latest update, it started to give me error codes saying a bunch of nonsense, and the screen started twitching when I tried to log in. The login screen turned into a black screen with a text that says, “We are the Lizard Group. You’re next.” Then the power went out, and then I heard  loud groaning noise coming from the other side of the room. I ran in there, but then returned back into the media room to find that the so-called, “Lizard Group” had even hacked not just the service, but they also hacked disturbing images straight into the console’s memory in all models that were bought this Christmas. Then the console to unexpectedly turn off and then from out of the blue, a bloody knife came in from the screen. (Even though it was turned off.) Then a lizard’s head jumped out from the screen and screamed, “Gamers are idiots and they need to rot in hell!” This had caused me to literally have a heart attack.

I woke up in the hospital to find all of the nurses and doctors to all be lizards, on the computers, and chanting the same thing that the lizard head said. Never play your brand new console on Christmas Day! Because the Lizards will be watching you.

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