Anyone remember Little Guy & Geo Guy The Rangers, right? Well, there was a episode that NEVER passed. It all started out with me watching videos on YouTube, then I spotted one. It was called "lgaggtr_unaired_episode.avi". So I clicked on it.

First, there was 15 minutes of static and then it went to the intro, but the animation was done badly and also the theme song was in reverse. So, after the intro, no big deal. The episode's title card was shown, the text was in blood red and it read "DEATH RISES". Then it showed Geo Guy eating his cheese, but the chewing sound was silent.

Then Death opened the door and he said "Hello Geo Guy, I am gonna to tell you something...". Then Geo Guy said in a man's voice "What? What are you-". Then Death said something in reverse. Then it cut to black and text appeared reading "One day". Then the episode showed the scene of Death killing the Wattersons and Gumball's hand tried to reach the gun, but then Death shot Gumball.

Then Death leaves and Geo Guy and Little Guy were outside. They said "Oh gosh! Death killed the Wattersons! (nigga i didn't even know gumball n shit we're in this fake ass show.) Nooooooooooo!". Then they started to cry. The crying didn't sound like cartoon crying, it was realistic crying in pain. Then it cuts to Death, he was staring at me. Then he started to glitch until the screen showed the extreme close-up of his face. Then white text appeared reading "The Wattersons are dead! You will never know what I have done to them.". Then my computer broke, but I saw Death with red eyes and Smile Dog's mouth. IT TURNS OUT TO BE RUKIA

Be careful, if you watch this episode, don't watch it!