Up until this very point I used to watch playhouse disney as a little child, but last week It was shut down because one of the staff members of disney was screwing things up too much. His job was ok [to me] there were some shows He liked working on such as Gravity Falls, and Wander over Yonder some he was just ok with but there were also shows he hated working on one of them Little Einsteins and while he never wanted to work on it, money was all he cared about, and nothing else. Though some months earlier before It was shut down I remembered walking out of the building and I found a DVD disc outside of the building. It said on it "Little Einsteins Unaired Episode" While I thought oh well just some crappy dvd disc, but since this episode was unaired I could probably watch it post in on to youtube and earn money. I shoved it in my bag before heading to the train station to catch my train home.

When I arrived home I put the dvd in my dvd player. However at first the screen froze for at least 2 minutes and then the intro played but it was very odd. The music lavender town from pokemon in reverse,the colors were all Dull, and the words Little Einsteins was written as if it was made by a 65 year old. The episode was called "The Stampy Horror Game" I wasn't sure however if this looked appropriate for kids. The episode starts with 3 of our main characters Leo, June, and Quincy Hearing Sad violin, then it cuts to quincy looking at his Jigglypuff Stella, Then it Cuts To Stella with a sad face in the house but instead of happy music, it was replaced with Sonic.exe Hill act 1 and Screaming from Sally.exe This scene played for 3 minutes before Leo said "Hey friends lets Play a stampycat game on the ." He never said why he wanted do it he just did. They borded Rocket as usual but Quincy noticed the right engine's things that atached it to Rocket had cracks as he said "Uh Leo there is something wrong with the right engine. But Leo just said in a rude manner "Shut up, Maia! go to your xbox 360 and play wonder quest." I could not belive Leo acted like Maia's Boss. Maia said in a depressed manner "Well ok then.". Then the group did the usual countdown and Rocket took off. Then those cracks on the engine cracked and then broke off. Leo tried to control Rocket but it was still rolling kind of like how American Airlines flight 191 in 1979 crashed. Then it fell everyone was screaming as it crashed into a farm and a realistic explosion on impact. It then showed the carnage of Rocket and the einsteins it looked hyper realistic especially with the fire, blood, and body parts. Then it cut to black and it showed an image of Stella The Jigglypuff was too realistic. She had black eyes and red pupils with blood dripping from her sockets. It looked horrifying and disturbing and in the background had text saying "Maia.EXE Came, all hail kill everyone", Then it cuts to Annie On Maia's Laptop going to she searched for a stampy game, she found one, but it turns out to be a horror game, she downloaded it anyway, she played it, But stampy was in Sonic Style! The background music in the game was the same music from the intro, she noticed that the game was developed by Maia!, The background was black in the game with silver platforms, with dead bodys of his cat mittens, his dogs, i was horrifired. good thing i kept the dvd

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