WARNING!!! This is the original Clive's Suicide creepypasta! There are a lot of rip-offs on the internet. Enjoy your reading.



Hello. Do you know a game called LittleBigPlanet? There's a chance that you have played it, it's a PS3 exclusive. This game looks pretty cute and fun, there you can play with up to 4 players.

But is it so nice as how it looks like at first time? And I'm not talking about trolls or spammers (there are, trust me), I'm talking about... Something creepy?

If you're a die-hard LBP2 player, you've probably seen levels like "Afraid" or "Jeff the killer". But today the talk will be on something unusual, like weird LBP profiles, and what would happen if you mess with them.

The Creepypasta

I was a huge fan of LittleBigPlanet series, I have a 100% Platinum Trophy on both LBP games, and I played it everytime I was free from work. So I decided to play like I always do: turn on my lovely PS3, go to PSN and run the game. But this time was different than usual...

The loading screen didn't come up, and I spawned in pod after a few minutes of plain black screen. I noticed that my earth was blank, though I remember I had decorated it long ago. When I got to the controller pad, things got even stranger...

Every button was grey and I couldn't press them (looked like you didn't complete the "DaVinci's Hideout"), except for the "Community levels". Ignoring it, I got in the community levels. Like in the menu, it had every option closed. Except for "Cool pages". Ignoring again, I pressed "X". They loaded so long I wanted to go back, but suddenly...

It loaded. But there was only one level. I was really surprised because there are ususally thousands of popular levels on Cool Pages. But this one had no plays or hearts, whatsoever. It was called, "lari dari dia". But the strangest thing I noticed, it was made by someone named DAMNED SOUL. After everything I thought my game glitched heavily. But the creator name got me curious, so I decided to play the level.

So I went to his earth, it was blank, and I couldn't see his profile, just the level. Again, I thought this was a glitch. So I pressed the X on the level. It started loading, and like the cool pages, it loaded very long. After some minutes of load, the level started. The level was empty I guess, except for the sackbot at the beginning. He said something in foreign language, I can't remember what, but I clearly remember the beginning was "Lari dari dia". The sackbot looked scared and was obviously clothed randomly. I thought it was made by some "noob", so I decided to quit. But as I pressed the start, the pause menu didn't come.

I thought it was a serious bug in the game, I wanted to turn off my PS3, but I was too lazy to. I decided to go to the end of the level and take some pics, so I turned right until I see the end. But, there was something I did not expect.

It was a redirect to a level called "melarikan diri". Now I think it's some weird joke, because it just can't be a glitch or a bug. I pressed triangle and it went to a black screen. It was loading.

After a couple of minutes, it redirected me to a level. It looked like the first level from "The Cosmos", but it was slightly different. Everything looked kinda dark, there was just a little piece of light in the corner. I remember the story characters looked anxious like something happened. They talked in foreign language and I couldn't understand a word they say, except for "Sackboy" and "Clive". Then I've noticed that there is no Clive, which I considered odd. It is obviously not a glitch.

They stopped talking, and the tube opened. After I went down, some music started playing. Though, I've never heard of such in LittleBigPlanet. It sounded slow yet disturbing. It was really dark down there and I oriented only by myself. I found the usual staircase, but it looked like it was broken. That didn't stop me though, so I walked and got upper. There was a glimpse of light. I saw the sackbots in the window, but they didn't walk ususal: they walked really slow and looked sad.

I got upper and it was still dark. The pinball machines looked like they're turned off, now I guessed that there is no elctricity on the Spaceship anymore.

I kept going to the end where I can find the level redirect to leave this damn weird level and play normally. Finally, I walked. There was a level redirect. But I wasn't right about playing normally.

The level's name was... "Clive's Suicide". I do not understand what happens, but I remember that the story

Clive's Suicide level logo

characters were talking about Clive, and he was not among them. So, they all looked sad because... Clive killed himself?

Now, I was really scared. It must be someone's very, very cruel joke. I didn't want to play but I was very curious of what happened to Clive. I pressed triangle. I got inside. The screen got black and it loaded.

After everything I have experienced, I was literally shivering from fear. I spawned from the entrance and it looked like it was Clive's "Factory Of a Better Tomorrow", but it was darker than usual, just like the previous level. The music was the same but it was playing much louder, I even had to turn the volume down.

After I had jumped to the building, suddenly, I heard someone crying. It was clearly Clive. I could see him through the window in the game. He cried like he was very sad, like something really bad happened to him. It sounded so touching, even I teared a bit. I broke the window, I don't know how that's possible in LBP, but I broke it. I got into the building, but Clive wasn't there, it looked like he disappeared.

I got out of the room where Clive was, then I went to the hall. There were many doors I could get in, so I checked them starting from the first, and there were nothing really interesting. They all looked empty and blank like they were under repair.

Finally, I came to the last door. The logo on the door said "WC", which stands for "water closet", or simply toilet. I was sure it was the last door I hadn't checked. I wish I didn't get in.

But I got in. AND I SAW A HORRIBLE PICTURE. Trust me, it was horrible. Blood stains were everywhere. This fucking scary music started to play VERY LOUD. Someone started screaming. It sounded so loud and realistic that it felt like my ears were bleeding. I kept walking to the right until i found a toilet where all the blood came from. I opened it.

There was clive sitting, screaming and all in blood. His face was so distorted that he didn't even look right.

I got fucking scared and quickly plugged off my PS3.

I still wonder why did someone make such a twisted level. It can affect people mentally.

I am not playing LittleBigPlanet anymore, hell, I rarely play PS3 now. I wish no one faces such horror.

Thanks for reading and goodbye.


That's how you can end up on a children's game. So before you play, please be careful!


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