I had just come home from watching Sweeney Todd at the nearest high school, and was pretty exhausted. I plopped down on the couch, and checked my watch. 11:37 PM. I yawned, and decided to watch some TV before I slept. I turned onto On Demand, and decided to watch that weird show my sister watched, The Loud House. I clicked on a random episode that had no title, but I was too tired to care. Plus, that was normal for some On Demand Episodes.

I sat through the commercials, and then the intro came on. The intro was always my favorite part of any episode I managed to catch a glimpse of. The thing was, at the end, a screen of red flashed for a quick second. I shook my head. Of course, it was probably my mind messing with me, as it was pretty late.

I watched the beginning of the episode, starting with the Loud Family annoying Lincoln, so he ran into his room, and slammed the door. He looked pretty angry, as would I if I was in his position. He calmed down, and left his room. His family was gone, probably going on some trip without him. He sighed, and walked into the kitchen, pulling out a knife. He turned to the screen.

"Sometimes, I have really morbid thoughts about killing my family."

He stated, stroking the knife with his finger. I nodded, understanding him, as I would also have thoughts like that, even though it was pretty disturbing for that to be put in a kid's show.

I went back to watching the episode, where he stopped stroking the knife. He started talking again.

"I mean, really morbid. My mind would go into detail about how I would stab-"

he made a stabbing motion with the knife,


he made a scooping motion,

"-and gouge out their eyes."

He finished, and put the knife back.

"It can get pretty weird, so I have to calm down after that.”

He said, and sighed.

By this point, I was a little creeped out, not by what he was saying, as those were usually my thoughts when I was angry, but they fact that this made it into an episode. I unpaused the episode, and continued watching. Nothing else really happened, until the credits. During the credits, this loud, high pitched beeping sound emitted from somewhere.

It was my alarm clock.

I sat up, and blinked. I realized that it was all just a dream. I groaned, and checked my watch, and turned off the alarm, cursing myself for forgetting to turn it off. I got up, and went to bed. When I woke up in the morning, the dream was still vividly in my head.

I reminded myself never to watch anything murderous before sleeping, as those kinds of dreams could appear often, and people would think I was going crazy. I never really told anyone about this dream, as it didn't really matter. But just a warning, if you watch anything about murder or gore before bed, you just might have a strange dream like I did.