Dan Patterson is a guy who was popular around the Flash animation era of the Internet. Making such videos as Talking Blocks. He has been making Flash animations since 2004. Most of these animations are still available on his Newgrounds account. However, one of his videos, Lighty the Lightbulb, is lost.

The Video Edit

I emailed Dan about the video and if he had it, and he replied with "Yes, I have the file along with some information.

Lighty the Lightbulb

Uploaded: September 23, 2008

Uploader: Dan.Patterson90

Resolution: 480x360p

Rating: 5/5, NC-17

"This short animation will show kids about Lighty the Lightbulb! A lightbulb who'll have an amazing adventure! How will Lighty the Lightbulb will show you the way to life? Watch this video to find out!"


- Dan"

The video starts with Lighty introducing himself. He says that he can change his face, he then proceeds to make an uncanny face. After the screen fades to black, it pans to Lighty holding a lighter. Where he says "This is how people made light back then!" He ends up setting himself on fire, where he grabs a cup of water and electrocutes the grass.

After he gets a box and puts an unknown object in the box, he reveals that the object was a pen. The box also has a real life eye on it. Then, suddenly, Lighty has a shocked face in the normal Dan Patterson style(the rest of the episode wasn't Dan's style of animation). He then shouts "OH MY GOD! HE'S HERE! THAT MONSTER THAT PUT EVERYONE IN HELL!" It then pans to the monster, which looks like a HellFur Pikachu.

The monster screams very loudly. Then, Lighty starts screaming. Then, multiple corpses start falling on the ground while monster screeches again. The corpses start rotting as Lighty starts running away across multiple hills, after the monster grabs him, Lighty starts violently screaming on the top of his lungs. The monster throws him, then, a 2 minute long sequence of Lighty screaming as he flies across earth plays, but it's not looping at all, Lighty actually screams for 2 minutes straight, and the earth sequence actually shows different environments, all are full of people.

Lighty ends up in the same spot as before, and he appears to be heavily damaged. The monster laughs loudly and disappears.