I was an intern at Nick Studios recently so I got to watch all the episodes before they were released to the public.

One day, we got an episode of The Loud House. It was a blood red VHS tape. It was sloppily written and it

Orange vhs tape template by djwalker2000-da4i0md

The tape

just said "Leni..." We decided it was nothing and watched it.

The opening was not shown. It cut to a single frame that went by really fast. It took 17 tries but we finally got a good look at it. It said "Leni's Death". We decided to continue watching. It started with Lincoln saying he needed to "talk" to Leni. He then took Leni outside and we hear screams. Not ordinary cartoon screams. No. Like the actor was actually screaming, just in Leni's voice. It then showed the other Loud's running outside to see. Then, what they saw was horrific. It was just Leni, laying there, in a pool of her own blood, and a dark shadowy figure standing next to her. It was hard to make out. The shadowy figure looked like Lincoln.The only thing that was colored in was the blood. Everything else was black, white and static. It ended with Lincoln slitting his own throat and shrieking "YOUR NEXT!!!!!" in a raspy voice. It ended.

Wow. Almost all of the interns quit after that, including me. We decided it would be best to break the tape with a baseball bat, smash it with a sledgehammer and burn it. And that is exactly what we did. All that remains is the screenshot of the shadowy figure and Leni laying in a pool of her own blood.

and then a skeleton popped out

Snapshot 20170330

The only remaining screenshot

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