My 7-year-old sister, Elena, was DYING to see the Lego movie, since my dad works for the LEGO company, and my mom is an animator for Warner Bros studios. I'm 16 years old, so when they have to work, I babysit her. And you know what, babysitting her is actually quite fun! However, she's now traumatized because of what happened last week, and so now, I'm here to tell YOU guys what happened.

The story (pt 1)Edit

So, last night my sister came home with her mom and was holding this tape. Here's how the conversation went:

Me: what's that? Elena: a VHS tape of the Lego movie. Me: where did you get that? Elena: the VHS store down the street. Me: do you want me to burn it onto a DVD? Elena: well... ok. (30 mins later) Me: ok, its done, but can i check the DVD first? Elena: ok, but please make it quick!

That was when I put the DVD into the disc drive of my PC and hit the 'PLAY' button. Everything was fine, until the "Everything is awesome" scene began. Once it began, the DVD ejected by itself. I was like 'WTF?' I then pushed the disc back in, just to make sure i didn't hit eject. This time i had not leaned on my laptop, but the same thing happened. "May I have the DVD now, please?" Elena asked. That girl has such a way with manners. I then handed the disc to her. "Would you like to watch it with me?" She asked. "Sorry, Elena. I have to study for a test."

Part 2 Edit

About an hour later, I heard my sister's loud scream coming from her room.

I rushed to her room and saw something horrific. There was Lord Business (The main villain in the film) standing with his hand piercing through Emmet's chest and it looked as if he had punch-stabbed him.

My mom was going towards DVD player in order to take the disc out while the movie was showing A badly made stop-motion film of Emmet's body being thrown in real flames. As it showed Emmet melting in plastic and debris, the movie stopped because my mom took the disc out and went outside. I heard a car starting and my mom drove away.