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You know the movie "The Pig Dancer"? This is an old movie from 1907 that tells the stories of a pig. The film is only 4 minutes and it is quite disturbing ... But I was far from having seen everything ... Recently on Youtube, I found a video related to this old movie ... It was "Dancing Pig: Director's Cut". I imagine that English had succeeded by I know not what way to get a rare document such as this one and it was scanned. I decided to take a look because maybe I would have information on how the special effects of the time had been made. I clicked on the link of the video and it started. It lasted 7:47 ... But strangely, for half a second, the total time indicator posted 6:66 ... Or maybe it was my imagination ... The video began.
Dancing Pig Director's Cut07:46

Dancing Pig Director's Cut

She started exactly the same way as the original video ... I was screaming from under fake when I noticed that instead of piano music there was to illustrate the film, there was no sound ... Well, not quite. By increasing the volume, the silence was in fact a simple white noise a bit outdated. as if a vinyl disc with no music playing. There was no titration beginning either. at the 30th second, when the pig took the bouquet flower girl, screen shook terribly and the woman disappeared from the scene! The pig playing alone in the empty ... The screen is violently cut again after a while and the woman reappeared. But instead of the table where she was, there was a black spot on the floor, as if a dark liquid was dropped. Then, map completely black.

White noise continued. I had the feeling entndre a whisper but I failed to understand what it said. After a minute of total black pig reappeared. It was the last shot of the original film, the plane where the hideous pig stuck out his tongue and laughed with his fangs. He spent loop tirelessly, always with that slight white noise. Murmurs resumed, but they were more noticeable, although still incomprehensible. At this begins to meddle in long and low complaints, such as screaming at reduced speed. it got louder. Sometimes, the screen flashed subliminal images. When I put pause the video, I saw that it was vintage photos disgusting and gory. Type quis'est is shredded by a train. Another photo of a human corpse by surgery.

I wanted to vomit ... And at the very end of the video, the screams were deafening. But this is not what scares me the most ... What made ​​me the most fear is that in the last second of the movie, in terms of pig is passed as relief and output language gave me the impression it was 20 cm or me! I jumped up and nailed his Youtube links, as it does when a video ends ... Shortly after watching it, I received a phone call.

When I got a low tone voice told me "You have brought with you. Thou hast brought with thee. Thou hast brought home." Like that, constantly, with just a break for two or three seconds between each. He did not respond to my hello. What is this?A joke? I do not know ... What's on, is that since this video and call, I feel observed ... I see a pink tongue, white fangs and red eyes watching me in the dark corner of the open door of my room after dark ... And I dare not close the door...

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