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Hello, I'm Christina. I've always been a huge fan of Lalaloopsy animated TV Series. You know, that 2013 show? I used to love it. I'm 16 now, and still love the show to this day.

I watched Lalaloopsy everyday it came on, and I never missed an episode. Ever. However, I saw a rather... odd episode. It scared me for six whole months.

Here is the story:

At school, my friends were talking about the future Lalaloopsy tv series, and I really didn't bother joining that chat until I heard the word "Episode 27 Season 1". I joined the chat even though I STILL didn't bother to.

At 3:05 PM, I was finally able to go home. On the way home, I found an abandoned tape that said "LALALOOPSY SEASON 1 EPISODE 27 PLEASE DESTROY ~IL". Bingo! I have found a lost episode! I never found a lost tape before, so this was a big find. I also noticed IL stood for Issac Larian (the creator of the show). And why did it say "PLEASE DESTROY"? I was kind of suspicious, but I picked it up from the ground. Why season 1 should have the 27th episode? I thought it was supposed to have 26 episodes! I must care that this episode is made before Season 2 premiered.

Oh boy, how I wish I could take that back.

At home, I noticed my parents HATE having unknown tapes in the house, so I put it behind my books on my bookshelf.

The next day, Friday, my parents went out to eat at Red Lobster and stayed the night at a motel. So that meant I had to babysit my younger brother Johnny. When they left, I played Let's Sing And Dance on my Xbox 360 Kinect for the rest of the evening.

Meanwhile at 1:00 AM, I started to think about the tape. So I grabbed the tape, went to my basement and popped it in the VCR. It showed a countdown, and the episode started.

The theme begun, and there was nothing odd, except that the logo for the show was in French. I thought it was a goof or error made by the writers. The title for the episode was "Killer Jewel".

The episode started with Jewel watching a commercial for a gun store. Why lalaloopsys should have TVs and watch them? It's not in the show!

"Ammu-Nation! Protecting your rights! We have pistols, molotov cocktails, sniper rifles, and especially rocket launchers! Hunt down animals! Take a gun test! Murder your friends- wait, forget that!

So why not come on down to Ammu-Nation today?"

"Murder your friends, huh?" Jewel said, rubbing her hands. "Time for some sweet revenge!"

Huh? Wait a minute; why would they put ALL of that in a TV-Y show? What the hell were the writers doing?

Then it cut to Jewel inside Ammu-Nation. However, the scene was in Italian. Good thing I took Italian in high school. Here's the dialogue so far:

Store clerk: "Top of the mornin' to ya. What can I do for ya today?"

Jewel: "I'd like a rocket launcher."

Store clerk: "Whatcha gonna do? Destroy that old warehouse that no one goes to anymore?"

Jewel: "No. Something else. I'm going to murder ALL of my friends."

Store clerk: "'You're kidding, right?"

Jewel: "No. The owner said it on the commercial."

Store clerk: "He was only joking around. So, that's that; I ain't giving it to you, pal."


Out of the blue, Jewel got out a knife and stabbed the clerk in the eyeball multiple times. Hyper-realistic blood splattered all over the screen.

A "Later..." time card showed up, and it showed Jewel outside the house. She pulled the trigger, and the missile got fired. Spot, Dot, and Bea were struck by it. The explosion looked so real.

All were melting, yelling for help. Realistic organs spilled out of their stomach. Spot's head landed next to Jewel, while she laughed demonicly. Then, she turned to the viewer.

"I have killed all of them. 'Looks like I just chose another victim.... I think it's YOU."

Suddenly, the screen went pitch black. This is where it got MORE creepy.

A recent photo of me and my family was shown, except all of us were skeletons, and the screen flashed 666. How did this tape know me and my whole family?

I pressed the Power button but it wouldn't work. I unplugged EVERYTHING, but it wouldn't work. I took the tape out but it wouldn't work. I tried to turn off the VCR, but it STILL wouldn't work.

A satanic voice said,

"You are in my world now. You cannot escape. There's no way out, Christina."

How did this tape know my name also? Maybe it's possesed?

More pictures showed. Monsters from my dreams I never told anyone about, 10 year old me dead, my little brother's (or at least someone that looked very familiar to him) brains splattered, tragedies that never happened yet, you name it.

Finally, a news report showed. It said 15 people passed away after watching Lalaloopsy.

After that, a creepy and disturbing text popped up.


Another text.

"You, the viewer; will be dead very soon. Very very soon. You'll die slowly, and painfully. I'll destroy everyone, with a little help from Satan."

Then, the TV turned itself off. I was scarred and doomed, and got out my iPhone. I called the cops, and they arrived just in time to see what the hell was going on.

As soon as they arrived, it showed a kid in a school hallway drinking from a water fountain for some odd reason. That's when the tape ended, but arruptly. When I was about to take the tape out of the VCR, it fell on the floor, with the picture tapes scrambled. I explained the cops EVERYTHING about the episode. Johnny woke up to see what the hell was going on. I explained everything about the situation, and he believed me.

The cops said I probably had a bad nightmare, but I told them I didn't. I showed them and my brother the WHOLE tape, and they were all shocked at what has happened. Johnny smashed the tape with his baseball bat, but it was indestructible.

The next morning, Saturday, I woke up early, like at 7:04. I had the urge to get in contact with Selia Sangra, Jewel's voice actor. I talked to her on Skype, and asked her questions like "Why was one scene in Italian?" and "Who made the episode? What inspired you to make it?". A serial killer named Katy Perry made this episode if you're wondering.

When I asked him how the episode knows my name, I heard a scream of pain. Then a very chilling voice said:


I hung up, and told everyone "We need to leave and pack up. Now.". I told my parents about the situation, but they didn't believe me. So, it was just my brother and me.

We rented a room at Motel 6 for the next few days.

On Tuesday, I read a newspaper article titled "SERIAL KILLER CARRYING RPG IS DEAD". The killer was Katy Perry!

Me and my brother high-fived each other and went back home.

If you find this tape, don't watch it and make the same mistake I did.

Thank you for taking your time reading this and have a nice day.

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