This was based off The Trace E. Horror Movie stories from the Fanon Wiki, so I made this.
Profile - Cartoon Trace E

Trace E. Doodles as seen in the episode

So it was typical Saturday, and me and my friends were looking up Lalaloopsy stuff in my computer. Then, on the back of all the searches in Google, we saw a secret, and unidentified torrent link for this show, Lalaloopsy TV Series. I felt a bit uncomfortable along with my friends. So, after downloading the torrent, the torrent says "Lalaloopsy Trace E. New Episode"., I clicked on the video file and I hope it's the return of Trace E., we watched the whole entire episode. The theme was normal, but the rest was completely messed up. The title card came up and said "The Trace E. Horror Episode". It started with Jewel and her friends playing with a game of Peppyball by Peppy. One of my friends nearly fainted at that point. Then it cut off to a seen with a cute chalk girl named Trace E. Doodles. She felt happy at that moment. She is petting her pet chalk zebra. Then Mittens came up. "Who are you?" she says.

"Oh shut the fuck up you asshole," Trace E. says.

"Why are you acting so mean to me?" Mittens asks in a terrified look.


"I'm sorry," Mittens sadly says.

"Fuck your apology, now stay at the fucking couch you whore!" Trace E, angrily says. She was so angry that he wants to eat a lalaloopsy literally.

"How dare you Trace E.!" Spot says. Trace E. just looks at her angrily.

"Goddamn," I said. "That was really crazy," My friends says.

We were so shocked my other friends pissed their pants. She goes to the kitchen in her chalk house in chalk land, and pulls out a butcher knife in the counter. "If you're messing with them," she says as her head's down in the counter. "You're messing with me..." She says in a scary voice. Her eyes turned black and red and started to bleed. She also starts to vibrate and go psychotic. I said "Oh..My..Fucking..God." I was starting to get really scared. She rushes to Mittens fast and ripped her stomach out with the knife. She roared and took her guts out and started to eat them. That's the part when I actually shitted myself. One of my friends left and took a couple minute break of what the hell they just saw. She starts to go psychotic. She went off to Lalaloopsy Land and saw Squiggles with a chainsaw death threatening people. Trace E. snatched the chainsaw and ripped Squiggles apart literally. She then kills Ace with a race car while eating a lalaloopsy corpse sandwich. She throws the Chainsaw at Jewel and also got chopped off. Spot growls at her and said, "WHAT THE FUCK TRACE E.?".

Trace E. approaches to her and uses a sledgehammer and mashed Spot's head off. Blood and guts was literally everywhere. Then unfortunately, the police arrived in out house saying that we are watching an episode that was claimed to be ILLEGAL. So, they arrested two of my friends. Now it's only one friend and me. Trace E. has blood everywhere on her body with a scary hard breathing. She busts the door to Bea's house and Bea said "What the fuck Chalk Girl, the fuck is wro- OH MY FUCKING GOD, GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME YOU CHALK GIRL". She roars again and ripped her off using her bare hands and begins to eat her body. Scribbles approaches and started crying. She was then eaten as well. Jewel tries to find a chalk girl, and sees her eating Scribbles.

"There you are motherfucker." She whispers. She runs to her and bits her shoulder off. Blood was squirted everywhere. Trace E. rips Jewel's tiara off, then she find a knife and kills her by stabbing her. She says to dead Jewel with a moral message "I'm coming for you, just wait in a few seconds bitches - Trace E.". The episode ended with no credits. For some reason, the link disappeared and the player closed by itself. A pop-up appeared and said "Thank you for watching this episode, now get ready. by Trace E.", and my friend ran away from home. I closed my laptop and and started to pack and run away. As my friend was running he saw a chalk hand moving on the ground and started to get up. It was Trace E.... After packing, I shot my laptop with a pistol, and began to flee for my life. I saw Trace E. on the neighborhood, and began to flee. After I escaped to my other friend's house, I stayed there for a while. Remember, if you find a torrent link secretive, Don't even dare to click it or else this will happen to you, your family, your friends, and even YOUR LIFE... So be afraid now...

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