Lalaloopsy girls dvd
One day, I found a DVD copy of Lalaloopsy Girls: Welcome to LALA Prep School. I went home and popped the disc into my Xbox. When I arrived at the DVD menu, I scrolled down and found a link - leading to a lost scene in the movie - called "Killing Firey". Firey? Firey WASN'T even in the movie! However, curiosity got the better of me and I decided to have a peek at it.

The lost scene starts out with the Girls planning to kill Firey. The screen went static for a minute, before going to the scene of Firey going to cloud sculpting class. The Lalaloopsy Girls: Jewel, Cloud E., Storm E., Blossom, Pillow, April, Pix E. and Peanut then appeared, shouting "FIRE-!" and they attacked him. Firey looked around and he saw someone resembling the girl... pulling out the water bucket? The Lalaloopsy Girls are not supposed to have water buckets!

They then watered Firey to death as he began screaming. What made this more horrific was by the fact it wasn't Firey doing all the screaming, it sounded real. All the Girls starting laughing diabolically. The screen went black for a minute before the scene flashed a very disturbing image of Firey with his eyes pitch black and bloody, his legs torn off and was inflicted all on his body. He then spoke: "Why? Why didn't you save me? Why? WHY?". He began crying as the camera zoomed out.

Instead of the credits rolling, there was a black screen with white text saying:

"You couldn't save Firey, this was all your fault, so MGA put him in a hole and guess what. You're next".

Firey must be from BFDI! The lost scene ended there; it was from here, I took the DVD out of the Xbox and threw it outside. Now I must warn whoever's reading this; if you find a copy of Lalaloopsy Girls: Welcome to LALA Prep School, avoid it.

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