I was at a Wal-Mart. A Lalaloopsy Fan brought me something. It was Lalaloopsy Game, for the DS. I checked the cartridge. It was all dusty and- you know. So, i paid the guy who had it a Left-Handed Ducky Momo. When i got home, I took out my DS, and dusted off the cartridge, and put it in.

At the title Screen, Lalaloopsy Land was glitching like crazy, and dark, medieval music was playing. I pressed A. I selected File A. It skipped the starting selection. I was Crumbs, in Lalaloopsy Land. Crumbs' eyes were bloodshot. Squiggles whas there, strangling him. Squiggles said:


Crumbs' body parts split. Blood splattered everywhere.

Trace E. then came and kicked Squiggles bloodily. After a while, i saw a bloody picture of Crumbs. Then I saw the SMPTE color bars screen with a message on it. It said: "LALALOOPSY DS GAME IS UNBEATABLE."

Then my DS turned off. I took out the cartridge, and took it to Toys 'R' Us. I told the guy "This game was creepy at first, but make sure it plays normally." And so i left.

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