Hello, I am Kate and I am 18 years old. Does anyone remember Lalaloopsy? Well, it got commercials for new dolls coming on anytime. But's there one that I will never like it again. It began back in the 2013 past when I was staying up late on a Saturday morning before I can go see my cousins at the movie theater and the beach. I was watching I Love Lucy on Comedy Gold and after the "we'll be right back" bumper played, I was happy to see that a Lalaloopsy new dolls 2013 commercial was about to play. But little did I know, brutal things were going to happen.

The commercial began with the new dolls appearing and so the Lalaloopsy logo, like they normally did. However, instead of saying "LALALOOPSY TIME!", a girl said "FRESH HUMANS DEATH!" in a demonic voice. That made me quiver in fear; I never heard a girl speaking in a low-pitched voice before.

When Cloud E. hugged Poodle, creepy music began playing the background. The setting was indescribable - white clouds are now storm clouds, the grass is red and to my surprise, there was a child hanging on a gallow, bleeding. I almost vomited when I saw that child.

Instead of saying The final singing line, A girl sayed:


Lalaloopsy dolls in real life came to life and they all escorted the cameraman to a target painted on the ground and then, they all got out the chainsaws!! A girl screamed and ran away. Dyna spoke to the man in a deep voice, "YOU'RE GOING TO BE MY FLESH, BITCH!!!" Wow, I cannot believe she used foul language! This is WAY too mature to be out in a kids' dolls commercial!

As they turned the chainsaws on, the camera fell to the ground with blood splattering onto the screen. The cameraman was screaming and the ending picture of the Lalaloopsy boxes, appeared in its normal state. But a whispery voice said, "New lalaloopsy girls! Fresh victims president. You can die at! Ask your adults first.", before the ad went to static for 2 seconds.

After that alleged commercial, I no longer became interested in playing Lalaloopsy. I mean the lalaloopsy girls wouldn't do such a thing, right?