now one time I found a dvd that said scraps' revenge and I prepared to watch it the tape begun with spot taking a nap while squiggles kept hitting trace e. with a towel but scraps went into spot's house and squiggles saw him and scraps beat up squiggles and trace e. said aaah intruder ! quick spot wake up wake up !!! and spot was dreaming of pie and her friends were there and scraps crashed into spot's bed and she woke up and got angry then , scraps spit on trace e. and killed them , then scraps ripped spot's arm off and she screamed in pain and died and scraps yelled you made me do this ! mahahahahaha next , pepper's house and scraps went to pepper's house.

then, in pepper's house pepper, candle, and choco were making cheese pepper said girls it's so peace and quiet here making cheese and choco said I know isn't it and candle said guys what was that noise ? and scraps was there and she ripped candle's hand off and killed her and choco ran away and pepper ran away too and scraps killed choco and she said ran away eh ? mahahahahahaha, next: school !!! and she went to school in bea's house

then , pepper went to school and bea said hi pepper, how's it going ? and pepper said not good, scraps just killed choco and candle pepper said and scraps arrived and sprinkle said holy cookies and wishes said pl-a-a-y time ! and scraps killed pepper and bea said run littles, runnn ! and before bea could run scraps cut her eye off and killed her and bundles said yay ! now I can be leader and scraps cut her arm off and she died and she killed all the littles

eventuly, scraps concered the lalaloopsy universe then it showed the color me dolls recovering then they came to scraps and they killed her

then it cut to black and after 1 second, scraps was there with blood laying over her. she said why didn't you save me? why??????? and she began crying as its zooms out. then the episode ended. no intro or credits. the dvd ejected by itself and I threw it in the trash. I never wanted to see that episode again.

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