There's a dark lalaloopsy website that has jump scares, creepy images and massive amounts of blood. When you enter the website, you come to a home page of but it was different, the background is red, the lalaloopsys are dead, and the Color Me dolls has knives. It looks normal when you press the same sections as except for Secret Surprise. When you click on Secret Surprise, you see a white background with the Spot and Squiggles (Spot on the left hand corner and Squigles on the right hand corner with Lalaloopsy chalk land music.) Once you click on one of the dolls, the music slowly goes crappy and if you mix the dolls together, the music stops and a huge amount of realistic blood and crap covers the screen and the mutant mixed Spot and Squiggles will mysteriosly poop offscreen and its poop will jump scare you to death. LET DO IT! OH CRAP! OH MY GOSH bbnllabbllabnkkabblab,ablabalbbalnllwnnl bleh!

R.I.P The creator of this article.

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