Everybody knows that horrid game by the name "Lady Sia", right? It was published by TDK, and it got tons of negative reviews. I looked on Ebay for a copy and i saw one. It's boxart was all scribbled on, and that stuff. Also, the cartridge's label was

The game's boxart.

worn out. I bought the game, and i later got an email by the guy who had it. It's email title was "Lady Sia" And the text was saying "THANK YOU! THANK YOU! YOU SAVED MY LIFE!" Like he was happy it was gone. Saturday, i got the package and i got the box. I took out the cartridge, and put it in my Game Boy Advance SP. The game was all red, and it's title said "LA DY SI A " 

I selected a file and I saw Lady Sia herself, with blood red eyes and brown hair. Roaming through the first level, it was raining blood and everyone was dead. The sky was black, and there was a sign that said "666". Lady Sia was talking and she said "I WILL KILL EVERYBODY!" Then i only saw a bloody picture of Lady Sia herself. It said "YOU ARE NEXT." I took out the cardridge and put it in a Blender. The cartridge broke and broke. I then put in Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3 in my Game Boy Advance SP, and it played like normal. Now, if you see a copy of Lady Sia, don't buy it.