if you have a youtube account and know robert benfer, you might have known the klay world seires right now. i knew it too. it was where blue klay people are living happily in their world, but some of them are dying like examples : henry and his shotgun and dr.bob's "surgeries". however, there is one unreleased episode in the seires. It took place in the old room of the table, and robert was planning to end the seires there, but kept on going after it was unaired.

i was walking with my klay world seires tapes, when all of a sudde, i came across a VHS tape that had the writing "klayworldlost.avi" on it. there wasn't anything behind it, just white. When i got home, i put the tape in the TV and the episode started. it was on the normall table like i expected it to be. then a klayman rode on a bicycle his size, running over a purple klayman and all the guts, insides and blood go flying out. i paused and vomited in the bathroom for that scene.there were 2 reasons i did that...

the purple klayman? he looks familiar... he has like a yellow badge on him that looks like what the "get down on da ground!" policeman wears and a phone on his right hand... The purple man from FNAF! Another reason were the insides, guts and blood. They were not clay at all. either they were just special effects or they were real. i went back, but then i saw another unusual klayman appear. he was orange and red on both sides. He looked at the blue klayman and said in a demonic voice "YOU SHALL OBEY DEATH..." he then shot a very real knife at the blue klayman and it died..

then the orange-red klayman looked at the screen for 4 minutes, while there were screams, and even the baby crying from the baby einstein lost episode! then after all that, he said in a voice that almost gave me a heart attack, "EITHER YOU DON'T SPREAD THE WORD OR IT'S GAME OVER, JAKE..." then the episode ended with a 5 second white text message saying "I AM GOD'S SHADOW..."

I noticed there was a second tape with the text "klayworldlost2.avi" could this be the sequel to the first one? i was ready to brace myself and watch. it started with the same demon, talking to a green klayman.

"how are you?"

when the demon klayman talked, a black frame with red text appeared, which was his dialouge. it lasted for the whole quote.


then after that frame dissapeared, a giant red gumby appeared... it had sharp teeth, and it had very realistic eyes. on the right side of it's head, there was a second head replacing his tall ear. the big gumby monster picked the green klayman up and bit it's head off and it leaked the same what's-that-type blood from it's bitten missing neck. it then went on a rampage, from pulling off heads and eating their insides to sucking their souls... this went on for 3 minutes and then the dual colored klayman appeared once again, but this time, he had red realistic eyes and a bitten-off right side of his head. he stared at the screen for the majority of the episode, then said :


then, the big gumby monster karate-chopped the table, destroying it and then, every klayman died...

i turned off the tv and wondered what i shall do with the tape... i tried to destroy it like how most lost episodes were, but it wouldn't go away. HOW?!? i then wanted to sell the tape to my friends. I called one of them, whose name was mike. I wanted to give it to him, but he wouldn't want it.

"i don't want the tape. you can have it."

"why? the tape is desturbing! i got scared by it!"

"i'm not in the mood for recieving those."

"why don't you-"

"I SAID DON'T...."

i hung up and turned around to see who said that. there was the same dual-colored klayman with a brown-green klayman with him, meaning he wasn't alone... they said "YOU SHALL DIE AND BECOME ONE OF US..." then they both jumped at me, then that was the last sight i saw as a human.. i then woke up at robert benfer's old table room... only to find that i have became a klayman... now i want to tell you... i will never see those dual klayman ever again. i won't....

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