Have you ever watched Kirchu's Adventure Idea on OL Family and PBS? There is a Season 6 lost episode of Kirchu's Adventure Idea talking about Satin.

The Best Of Space Tiger was released on VHS in 2006. And one copy of it sold in 2007 was there, it has been sold to stores. In 2007, when I went to K-Mart. I saw a sale on The Best Of Space Tiger VHS. Then, I bought it. Then, I checked on Wiki to see what episodes were in the VHS. According to the Wiki it lists, "Rudolf's Wedding Party", "Ha Ha, Fooled You!", "Too Much Sauce", "Kirchu Scares Space Tiger", and "The Game Of Truth". Wiki also says a lost episode entitled "Satin Is Our Friendly Friend" is included as a bonus feature. Oh what the heck? Im going to watch that bonus episode! I think this is the best episode! I thought

After I forwarded in the last episode. I stopped at the 2004 NBCUniversal Television logo and saw text saying:

"Warning: This episode may cause death!"

The episode began with no PSA check, and no logos. It began with the title card saying "Season 6 Lost Episode Satin Is Our Friendly Friend" listed as "Episode 4.07" on the wiki.

The episode starts with faintless static running only for 9 minutes. Then, the slaves say "All hail, Satin!" in a moaning voice for about 13 minutes or so. Then, static again comes for 17 minutes. Then, Kirchu says "I LOVE SATIN!" In a sad voice. Space Tiger, and the other Kirchucity Kayocs put up a sign saying "SATIN IS THE KING" Then, Satin comes and says "Hello, friends!"

The Kirchucity Kayocs say "HELLO, HERO!". Then, static comes yet again for 28 minutes, then the screen becomes blank for 29 minutes. The final photo includes the slaves with text saying "Satin will be god forever!"

You do not want to see this episode! If you see it, you will become a slave and say "All hail, Satan!"

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