This has similarities with "SRMTHFG Lost Episode: Antauri's Suicide". Just don't blurt out, "OH, SHIT! YOU COPIED SRMTHFG LOST EPISODE: ANTAURI'S SUICIDE CREEPYPASTA!!!" By the way, this isn't made to scare you anyway. It's only made up.

The Pasta

Does anyone heard that one show called "Kirby 4ever"? You know, the show that featured on Fox? For those of you who don't know what it is, I'll tell you:

"Kirby 4ever" is an Fox cartoon created by Kirby4ever about a teenage girl named 4ever who always be a Kirby fangirl. I've seen every single episode. When I was young, I thought it was an awesome show.

Before the 20th season had been aired, I would be on the Fox website, trying to find out when another episode would be premiering. During one of these searches, I was looking through all the episodes and stumbled upon an unfamiliar episode.

The episode was called "Kirby's Suicide". I was curious to know why there would be an episode about suicide so I clicked on it, thinking 'Why would such a happy show include an episode like that?'. The contents are as follows:

Normally, in the beginning of each sequence, the first couple minutes of the cartoon would run, then opening title sequence would come up, then the rest of the show would continue. But instead, the opening title sequence appeared first.

The theme song played as normal. After it was over, there was a black voidous screen. It stayed like that for 10 seconds, until the episode starts.

The episode started where we see 4ever's house, but the sky looked like it was night, and the screen was a little bit static-esque. The camera points at 4ever's house for about 15 seconds. The scene then switches to Kirby's room.

Normally, Kirby would happily be sleeping in bed... but he wasn't. Instead, it showed him sitting down on his bed, looking down at the floor, looking all depressed. He sniffed and tears began to flow from his eyes and down his cheek. He kept repeatedly saying in his thoughts "Why?" and just kept sitting there. I have never seen Kirby looking like this; in fact, I've never seen him tear or looking all miserable. I have in Kirby: Right Back At Ya! But not in this Kirby show.

I was shocked; although terrified.

Then his face became intensely sad; even more depressed than he was. More tears started to flow from his eyes, but they weren't tears... it was blood.

Kirby was tearing blood.

The light in his room started to turn red and a bit darker. The scene immediately changes to Kirby standing up and looking at the viewer. He didn't look sad this time. Instead, his eyes were wide (still crying blood) and his mouth was hanging ajar.

The opening theme song started to play (not the sequence, but the song), but it was playing in reverse. The screen started to distort, and Kirby was still standing there, looking at the viewer, and making that same creepy facial expression.

Finally, he pulls out a knife, stabs his chest, and the scene changes to him lying down on the floor... dead in a puddle of blood.

The ending credits appeared, but the song was also playing in reverse.

I was scared out of my mind. "What the hell did I just watch!?!", I thought to myself as I turned off the TV and ran to my room to play The Wind Waker on my Gamecube.

But by the time I entered my room, I was MORE scared.

On my bed was a Kirby plushie, with a sad look on its face. It had bloodstains below its eyes, there was a knife in its chest, and blood was coming out of the stab wound, and it was under a pool of blood.

I was really scared shitless. It was like as if the episode had came to life. I should never have watched that.

Though I had to find out if this blood was real or not. I had to put it in my mouth and taste it to find out. I hoped it was cranberry juice. If it was food coloring or paint, I'd spit it out.

So I tasted it, and guess what? It was blood! I remembered the time that I had a bloody nose, and I was licking the nostril of where the blood was coming out.

Oh fuck. I really don't believe it. What the hell have I done?

To make my matters worse, a skeleton popped out of my window, laughing at me voicelessly.

Stay away from this episode!

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