I want you to know that this has similarities with "Fanboy and Chum Chum Lost Episode".

I know it’s hard to believe but every word of this story is true. One day I went out to the dumpster to throw away some garbage and sitting on top of all that trash was a VHS tape that was labeled: “Kirby 4ever Lost Episode”. Curious, I picked it up only to discover that it was Kirby 4ever. I had seen that show on Fox and it was great.

“How could someone throw THIS away!?”, I thought to myself. I took it home, put it in the VCR player and thought “Why am I even watching this, I’ve already seen every episode at least twice?”

The theme song was normal except the sky was red but I didn’t think much of it. Also, the quality was low but I thought the tape was probably slightly damaged since I found it in the trash. The episode started and there was a strange silence, no music. It zoomed in on the school and faded to a scene of the classroom. A bell rang. Mrs. Jegestions stood up from her desk chair. Her eyes were looking heavy, as if she didn't sleep for weeks.

“Before class ends I’m handing back your spelling tests.” Mrs. Jegestions said to her students in a monotone voice.

The students seemed nervous. They looked around at each other.

I could feel the anticipation.

Mrs. Jegestions began handing back the papers and when Flaze got his graded spelling test back he looked at it. It had a big red F on top.

“F!?” Flaze exclaimed. “But I’ve never gotten an F!”

Mrs. Jegestions handed back 4ever’s test.

4ever turned to Flaze. She laughed and said, “Look Flaze! This is the first time I actually did better than you!”

4ever showed Flaze her test, which was marked with a red A.

Mrs. Jegestions handed Kirby his test.

“Hey! Me too!” exclaimed Kirby as he flashed his test, grade B, in Flaze’s face.

“No! This can't be true!” said Flaze as a tear of what appeared to be blood trickled down his face.

The camera is shaking slightly as it shows Flaze’s face, then it zooms out to include 4ever and Kirby in the view. They didn’t seem to care or notice as they sat there laughing. But it wasn’t a normal laugh, it sounded slightly sinister.

At this point I knew something was wrong.

The quality of the tape started to deteriorate even more as the sinister laughing went on for an odd amount of time. The laughing went on for about five minutes until Mrs. Jegestions said, "Class dismissed."

Everybody left the classroom, except for Flaze.

It then cut to black. I thought the episode was over and I was glad. Just as I was about to turn off my VCR player the screen started showing Flaze sitting on the floor in his living room. I didn’t want to watch but my curiosity got the best of me. I nervously put down the VCR remote and kept watching.

Flaze looked very worried, and he was holding his magic spell book.

“What should I do?” Flaze asked to spell book.

“A wizard never has wonder.” said the book.

Flaze got so frustrated, and he hit his magic spell book against his face repeatedy, and threw it away from him. I kinda laughed at this part.

Flaze looked into his crystal ball, still crying tears of blood. The crystal ball showed an image that was at first so blurry I couldn’t make it out. It was as if smoke was filling the crystal ball so you couldn’t completely see the image. The smoke began to clear and it slowly got more detailed. I could then see it was a still image of Flaze dead. The image of Flaze’s dead body became so detailed.

Flaze stood up, saying "I know what must be done.", and walked into the kitchen. He grabbed a knife and thrust it into his own chest. He collapsed onto the floor and a pool of blood quickly formed.

The ending credits began to play but the music sounded strange. It was a lower pitch than usual.

I felt frozen sitting there on the couch. I couldn’t believe what I had just seen. I later destroyed the tape so no one else would have to go through this horrible ordeal. If you think you want to see this, you’re wrong! I still have nightmares about poor Flaze’s tears of blood. I don’t know how Fox could let this slip but I hope to God that there are no more copies of this tape out there. If you take nothing else from me just remember this one word of wisdom: if you see a Kirby 4ever VHS tape in the trash leave it there. That’s where it belongs.

Or why don't you take it out and destroy it? That would sound like a better idea.

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