I just want to start off by saying, if you read The Wreck it Ralph Bootleg, get ready to read this one. It's probably scarier. For more infomation about Kirby 4ever: A Bigger and Longer Adventure!, go here.

The Pasta

As you are reading this, you will not believe what happened, which was incredibly gruesome. Now, I just want to tell you, if you find anything like this, Whatever you do, don't download it, or else you may have this terrifying moment in your head forever.

As I was on the Pirate Bay site, looking for a high quality Kirby 4ever: A Bigger and Longer Adventure DVD Rip, I apparently found upon a link called "Kirby 4ever: A Bigger and Longer Adventure! (HD, FULL, Deleted Scenes included)", I went to click this, and the website had to refresh a few times, after it stopped refreshing, The information was hardly noticeable, The Description only read, "SEED AS MUCH AS YOU CAN, THIS TORRENT HAS THE GREATEST KIRBY 4EVER MOVIE YET, FEATURING HQ, HD AND DELETED SCENES.

The download was just put two hours ago, and there were no comments, I went to go get this download, and it came up on UTorrent ready for download, just as it was done, and the speed was EXTREMELY fast, too many viruses popped up, and it was terminating my whole computer, before it's disk reached FULL, I burned the entire Kirby 4ever stuff to a DVD with Windows DVD Maker (A program you may have not heared of, it makes DVD menus), and then once I reinstalled the computer, I put the DVD in, and the DVD menu popped up.

I was so excited, I went to go get some popcorn, candy, and some soda, then I sat down, and was ready to watch the movie, but as I clicked the play button, what I didn't know was that I shouldn't have, it started off pretty normal about Steve asking 4ever that he left his golden shoes at The Mussin Hill, but at the middle of it, it went static, I heard Zero 2's voice, "Game Over!", the scene went to static for 5 minutes, once it resumed, We were at Kirby's house, He was there, and he was laying in his bed, sobbing heavily, he had been injured and he was bruised, He was crying realisticaly like a baby. Suddenly, 4ever came over, she had red eyes, like if she was being possesed by a demon, she asked Kirby in her normal voice, but only it was distorted, "What's the matter? Do you feel any well?"

The screencap from the scene.

There came the violent twitching and static, with a line running up and down, a twitch of a second, Kirby was pale, then came up the next following scene with Zero 2.

Zero 2's eyeball-like body was a whitish-green instead of white, and he had blood on the ends of his wings, he was laughing, and he did not look so good, he just looked so like in a mental illness, Xero was asking him if he was alright, Zero 2 did not answer, but he whispered "I command you to find 4ever, then kill her. This will soon be my moment of utter triumph. Oh, how I love what I just said..." he floated over to a secret basement, bashed open the door, and what we saw, was sick and twisted.

There were a bunch of bodies (including Magolor and Flaze's) laying around in a pool of blood, and there was Kirby, flattened, his tongue sticking out, his skin was gray instead of pink, his eye sockets were empty, and all over his body, he had bleeding cuts than bruises. Zero 2 started laughing again, but this time, deep, distorted, and realistic evil laughter. I found that totally cruel. He floated to brutally finish off Kirby, and he did with a demonic laser beam from his pupil. Kirby exploded into a sick, gory mess, and he laughed again. Suddenly, Zero 2 started acting strange.

"KIRBY! MAGOLOR! FLAZE! DON'T! YOU! TAKE! MY! POWER! AWAY! FROM! ME! I! WILL! END! YOU! IF! YOU! DO!!!" I puked out my popcorn and candy, and spewed out my soda. I thought, "What the fuck am I watching?! I mean, really?! What kind of version of the movie is this?! A snuff film?!"

Zero 2 then calmed down, and next, with one of his wings, he slit his eyeball-like body open and was cutting very strange internal organs from it, and lots of blood came out. He was laughing though, he was injuring himself, then came 4ever, who just popped up for some reason, and she was floating. She shouted, "TASTE THE RAINBOW, MOTHERFUCKER!"

"HOLY SHIT!" shouted Zero 2.

"There's even swearing?! I just don't believe it! It's supposed to be rated PG!" I thought.

4ever shot a deviled rainbow beam from her palm, making Zero 2 melt into a whitish-green and bloody mess, and his nimbus dropped in it. His last words were, "YOU...KILLED MEEEEEEE!!!" Then, just like in the Spongebob Squarepants episode called "Squidward the Unfriendly Ghost", where Squidward's melted statue's eyes flipped over revealing a dark brown which meant he was dead, Zero 2's eye flipped over, only it was dark red. 4ever then came to his nimbus, picked it up, and smashed it. Then, facing the screen, she said in tears, which were actually blood, and an evil expression, "You're next, mincemeat!" She pointed her palm at the screen, and fired another rainbow beam. Once the screen got hit, it ended up going through a very trippy tunnel at hyperspeed. Lots of colors were changing and flashing. Upon seeing this, I had a seizure, and I puked again! Right at the time I looked back at the screen, static came.

I just couldn't believe what I saw next. There came the screaming from a man, he was screaming in a temper tantrum, "YOU BELONG IN HELL, LET SATAN BE WITH YOU ALL! ALL HAIL SATAN! HAIL SATAN! SATAN IS OUR LEADER! WE HATE GOD!", he was shooting everyone in a church, even the preacher, with an AK47. This may probably show there was a gun-firing murder scene here, and it kept going. The man then exited the church after killing everyone in it, and watched with a cruel look as the church started burning into hellish flames. Then, it stopped. There were no credits rolling. Instead, there was a message saying,


Apparently, all the 4ever stuff, was all this, and I just don't believe it. My computer got an error window, but it was not normal at all. It said.


Get this fucking disc out of my ass, you prick.

-Your computer.

Whatever! (Instead of OK)

I called 20th Century Fox to see if they knew this, they mentioned "Where did you find that? We were never supposed to let you know this little project, I'm sorry, but thank you for calling us, We-" they were cut off, I went to find the torrent, but apparently, it was gone, and so was the user I never bothered about this again, but it will always stay stuck in my head, forever.

The murdering in the static was never recognized by the detectors or police, they said they will keep looking for it, later, they gave up quickly, and it was never heard of again...

Now, for the love of God, our father, like I said, do not watch it! It is for your own good.

By the way, that bootleg was very scary, but I had to admit, that rainbow beam was pretty cool.

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