it all began when I downloaded a file on my computer called "Kill la Kill Episode 2000000" which is a little wired.

I decided to watch the video and here's where it starts. Ryuko Matoi was walking down the deserted streets, feeling depressed. This segment lasted 4 minutes then it cuts to Ryuko kneeling down to her knees then in such depression, she committed seppuku, killing herself then she fell flat with realistic blood spilled from her stomach. After her suicide, Senketsu shows up saying "The Sight of Hell will bring back it's viewers" in Japanese and a distorted tone. In the next scene, Satsuki cried for 4 minutes until she committed seppuku in the same way. Afterwards the Elite Four mourned for her as her realistic blood was all over the floor then Mako bursts in with chainsaw in her hand. She rushed in butchered Uzu and Hoka then Nonon screamed in her hyper-realistic voice as she ran. Mako threw the chainsaw at her, kill Nonon instantly. She somehow spared Ira and she speaks "I live with you in Hell" in a demonic tone then she pressed the detonator, blowing up the academy, killing Ira and Mako. In the last segment, Nui Harime appeared with a demonic smile and soulless eyes. She stared at me for 4 minutes then she tore her own head off and blood has splattered on the screen.

The video has blowed up, and i went flying to the moon to see Turret.exe

the stinky ending