anyway, I used to like codename : kids next door many years ago, my favorite episodes were operation F.A.S.T-F.O.O.D and H.O.T.S.T.U.F.F but the death of 1 made my jaw fall out ( not really )

anyway I was searching on the web for episodes of K.N.D ( kids next door ) and I found this episode called the death of 1 and I was about to download it but before I did , I found this warning :

       warning: the following video you are about to watch has got death, 
      demon/devil activity , extra horror , blood , and has a lot of creepy
      activity in it , if you are not scared at all, you are free to view 
      it if not, stop watching right now   

I was shocked after reading the warning besides, the creators of codename : kids next door are pysco, I mean why would they have death in a kid's tv show ? and why would there be extra horror in a kid's show to ? it just sounds so weird but I watched it any way

the episode begun with the theme song ( but there were no singing ) and it was completely muted , all I saw was the average theme song and the title card , then the episode begun with numbuh four running into the treehouse with happy-go-lucky music as normal and numbuh four begun talking to numbuh one

and numbuh four said in a deep voice : hi numbuh one

and numbuh one said in a demonic-like voice : hi numbuh four

numbuh four  : one, I just got you a new weapon to help you fight the adults

numbuh one : what is it ?

numbuh four : a pistol

numbuh one : but four ? why would you have a pistol ? you could kill somebody with that !

numbuh four : to kill you !

and numbuh four shot numbuh one in the stomach and he said ( weakly ) four ? why why ? wou-ld you-you do th-at ? and numbuh four said for vengeance and he shot numbuh one in the stomach again, and he died , then numbuh five was going in the kitchen to make something and she was shocked when she saw what happened to one .


numbuh four : that's because your going were ones going ... TO HELL !!!

and then numbuh four got a knife from the kitchen section and then chased numbuh five with it and she yelled numbuh two , numbuh three , help meeeeeee !!! but they didn't lisin to five and then numbuh four stabed numbuh five through her back and she died ( just like what happened in Abraham lincon : vampire staber ) then numbuh two arrived too help

numbuh two : ( walks in , but doesn't notice four ) ahh ! now to go to the portaloo ( sees what happened to numbuhs one and five ) AHHH ! four ! something bad happened to one and five wait, you're holding a pistol, I'm gonna handle you myself ... after I'm finished with the portaloo

numbuh four : no !!! right NOW !!!

then , four grabbed a stapler, and stapled it on numbuh two and a lot of blood squirded out and numbuh two died and four turned into a DEMON and said MAHAHAHAHHAHAHA I have killed all of them ! numbuh three is last !!!!!! and he went to numbuh three's room

numbuh three : ( singing in unknown language )

numbuh four : say goodbye , THREE !!! MAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

then numbuh four tried to break apart three's cupboard and she was shocked when she saw four's demon-like form and she screamed and numbuh four said give uncle strokeler a hug and grabbed three and cut her head off

then after numbuh four killed three , he destroyed the treehouse with a nuclear bomb and left and destroyed the city and then concered the entire kids next door series then it showed a sign the looked like this :

 sorry, but numbers one , two , three , and five were killed , and the rest of the kids next door series is dead , so there's no more numbers , no more caracters, and very sadly , there's no more codename : kids next door , so if you watched this, be very sad , now thanks for watching the lost episode the death of 1 , now bye .  

then it showed some funerals :

R.I.P numbuh one born : 2003 died : 2006

R.I.P numbuh two born : 2003 died : 2006

R.I.P numbuh three born : 2002 died : 2006

R.I.P numbuh five born : 1998 died : 2006

and it showed the end in bloody writing

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