When I was a little kid, my favorite breakfast to eat every morning was a Kellogg's cereal that went by the name of Sugar Rice Twitchies. It was very sweat and fun to eat, because it had a load of honey and sugar inside the grains to make it taste good.

The star of the Twitchies commercial was none other than a clown named Twitchy, who says that he "twitches every time he eats Sugar Rice Twitchies". But there was one advert that ran once and was never seen on TV again.

It began when I was staying up late on a Saturday morning before I can go see my cousins at the movie theater and the beach. I was watching The Netflix Smash Bros. Show on Fox Central and after the "we'll be right back" bumper played, I was happy to see that a Sugar Rice Twitchies commercial was about to play. But little did I know, brutal things were going to happen.

The commercial began with Twitchy coming out of his small henhouse, like he normally did. However, instead of saying "breakfast", he said "fresh victims" in a demonic voice. That made me quiver in fear; I never heard him speaking in a low-pitched voice before.

When he entered the table, creepy music began playing the background. The setting was indescribable - the tent was ripped apart, the balloons were popped and to my surprise, there was a child hanging on a gallow, bleeding. I almost vomited when I saw that child.

Twitchy began his speech:


Twitchy escorted the cameraman to a target painted on the ground and then, the clown got out a chainsaw!! Twitchy spoke to the man in a deep voice, "YOU'RE GOING TO BE MY BREAKFAST, MOTHERF***ER!!!" Wow, I cannot believe he used foul language! This is WAY too mature to be out in a kids' cereal commercial!

As he turned the chainsaw on, the camera fell to the ground with blood splattering onto the screen. The cameraman was screaming and the ending picture of the Sugar Rice Twitchies advert, appeared in its normal state. But a whispery voice said, "Drag on down to the store for Kellogg's Sugar Rice Twitchies, the tastiest breakfast cereal in the big top.", before the ad went to static for 2 seconds.

After that alleged commercial, I no longer became interested in eating Twitchies. I mean Twitchy wouldn't do such a thing, right?

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