Screenshot of Kaput with the spike in his back

Ah, I remember my years of working with Teletoon, I used to love to work with the shows. My personal favorite was Kaput and Zosky, I loved to work on it. The voice actors were so nice to me, they even signed an autograph for me. It was that one fateful day, I was driving into the parking lot of Teletoon. I opened the car door and rushed out of the car into the studios.

I walked into the editing room, passed a couple interns sitting down, and I picked a chair to sit down on. The creator of the show (Lewis Trondheim) came in, he looked mad for some reason. He slammed a tape onto the table and shouted "HA!" and walked out of the room. The interns were shocked, and so was I. We looked at the tape, it seemed to be an episode of Kaput and Zosky, except the title on the tape was "FORBIDDEN PLANET", we didn't think much of it at first.

One of the interns noticed a VCR, we quickly inserted the tape into that VCR (which for some odd reason looked damaged), and then the VCR made the weirdest noise ever and it played the tape finally. It played the normal intro, with Kaput and Zosky getting chased, except they had more looks of horror on the face when they got chased. One of the people chasing them took out a knife and stabbed Kaput in the chest, 5 times, Zosky kneeled down and mourned Kaput's death.

It cut to the title card (after Kaput died), and it read "FORBIDDEN PLANET", it cut to black after that. It cut back to Kaput and Zosky, in their little ship (like usual), Zosky mentioned that a new planet had appeared and Kaput interrupted by saying "Let's go then!", but Zosky informed Kaput that the planet was cursed and that anyone who goes there goes missing. Kaput said "I WANNA GO THERE GODDAMNIT", and Zosky had no choice, but to go there.

It faded to black and faded back in with Kaput and Zosky landing on a blood red colored planet, Kaput then said to Zosky "Zosky, I wanna go home!" and started sobbing uncontrollably. Zosky hugged Kaput, as the screen faded to black for 5 minutes. So, was this some kind of special with commercial breaks? I thought, but it had the same running time as normal episodes. It faded to a new scene, with Kaput curled up into a ball, rocking back and forth saying, "HUG ME MOMMY" over and over again.

Zosky had pale skin and dark circles around his eyes, he spoke to Kaput that they should leave the planet. Something appeared behind Zosky, It clawed his back and Zosky shouted his usual "RUN KAPUT!!!" and they jolted into a sprint, the creature ran after them. They were miles away from the ship, Zosky then screamed "ALMOST THERE!!!" and they started running faster than ever. The creature threw a spike at Kaput's back and it stabbed him and the spike went through his body.

Kaput fell down, dead. Zosky ran up to him and said "NO!!!" and started crying uncontrollably, ring around the rosy started playing in reverse as Zosky started crying, louder than ever. The creature made it up to Zosky, it was too late. The thing took a chain and wrapped it around Zosky's throat, he started choking. Soon it would be over for Zosky, he slipped out of the chain, but his neck was bleeding badly. Zosky had no choice but to kill himself by using the spike that killed Kaput, the spike was now covered in blood from the two.

The creature hopped into the ship and started pressing buttons. Soon, he hit the "START" button and he had floated away from the planet, leaving the two behind, dead. It cut to black, I was scared, and so were the others. I walked to the desk, where my friend was there who runned the lobby and I told her I quit the job, and she said "Goodbye Derek", I felt bad to leave the place, but I had to. I will still love Kaput and Zosky, but not the same way ever again.

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