I am a HUGE fan of the Jurassic Park franchise. I love the first movie, the second film was good, the third was alright, and Jurassic World was incredible. Anyways, I was recently searching for Jurassic Park related things, (facts, trivia Ect.) and I came across a website with some Jurassic Park merchandise.

I decided to order a few things. I decided on a poster, the Jurassic World novelization, and something interesting I found. It was a supposed "Original Script". I knew it was probably just a fake script, but I was intrigued. All of it took about a week and half to get to my house.

I framed the poster and put it up on my wall, put the book on the shelf, and pulled out the script. It looked pretty old, it had a few tears, and an old looking color. I started reading the script, it was mainly just stuff like "IAN: "What do they got in there, King Kong?" You know, just lines and stuff from the film, nothing too different. But then I noticed something.

There was a sentence in the script that caught my eye. It read "VELOCIRAPTOR BITES TIM". Now, if you have seen Jurassic Park, you would know that Tim was the little boy, and he doesn't die in the film. And the raptors never even touch him. But what was this about the raptor biting him?

As I read on, I saw lines like this:

ALAN: Where's Tim?


ALAN: Ellie! Where is Tim?


ALAN: Oh God.

JOHN (OVER PHONE): Where is Tim? Is he okay? Alan! Where is my Goddamn grand child?

I read about how they struggled to tell John (the creator of the park) that his young grand child was dead. I didn't know if this was supposed to happen, or if it really was just a fake script. However, towards the end of the script, I saw "© 1992." Jurassic Park came out in 1993, which means they would have had enough time to change the script.

I don't know why Steven Spielberg (the director) would want this to happen, perhaps he would have wanted Jurassic Park to be a darker film. Or maybe the script is a fake, but I doubt I'll ever know. Thank you for reading about my experience.

Written by Conkerthesquirrel101. 6/28/15.