The following journal was collected by the police on June 5th, 2008. What you are about to read might disturb you.


Page 1, apparently written to a child.

Dear Evan,

I'm so happy, ohoho! I just want to play with you, little Evan! Just come over to [removed] so we could play together! We'll be having a bunch of fun, hahaha! I have so many games to play with you! I have plenty of toys, too! Hahaha! So remember, just visit [removed] so we could play! I hope to see you soon!


A day after this was written (May 26, 2008) a Amber Alert was issued in the city of Boston for Evan Smith, who was last seen May 25th walking to the house of Jones Brook. Sadly, a few hours after the alert, they found out he was brutally raped and cut open with a sharp steak knife.

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