I am a total garfield fan much like everybody else i like the classic strips but i still like reading the modern strips i have never found photoshopped comics but i dont want to read more them after the experience i had it started on a normal summer afternoon i was drinking coffee and reading the paper i heard a knock on the door it was my friend kyle whom i haven't heard from in weeks and he gave me a package with a note the note read “this thing it destroyed me I wanted to kill it but it was a demon help me tom by breaking the disc please love Kai well that was odd” he left without a word i opened the cd and it had markings reading jon.mp4 i decided to watch it anyways it started with john and garfield jon make me some lasagna then john got mad and grabbed the knife garfield looked shocked and said john what are you doing with that knife. killing you to make some cat and dog messini. he stabbed garfield and garfield fell to the floor bleeding in pain john kicked garfield across the floor and said i am john. john then took the gun and shot garfield and proceeded to take him to the oven and cooked him to death. i was shocked when garfield melted and screamed to death. then OD walked by john heard the ding sound and opened the oven and tore open garfield and ate his organs then he stomped on garfield's body until he was flat like klassen he replaced the rest of the organs with cheese and pasta he proceeded to put the food into OD’s food bowl and OD ate the cat lasagna OD was covered in blood and guts on the face his face looked pale and grey then he threw up the body i almost puked when i saw the saggy body john ate the puke and enjoyed it then john began to rape OD od cried in pain as john stuck his dick inside him i was helpless to watch for four minutes then OD died from animal sex i saw liz john’s grilfriend she walked into the house and saw garfield and OD’s bodys and saw John with black bleeding eyes she found a phone booth and called the cops by the time the polise came liz was dead and torn open by john or what is left of him now john came by perfectly normal and said liz was murderer and she had gone insane then it shows liz garfield and OD’s graves and the monster was standing by the grave he took garfields grave and craked it in half he did the same with the other graves and it showed the souls that couldnt find heaven because of john breaking their graves they fell down to hell “im so sorry garfield i really am i didnt do it i didnt do it” ”i didnt want to do this brother i had to angel john said as he stabbed evil john” then it said the end i didnt want to watch more of this horrored cartoon but then john clutched the screen to his horrored face and sucked my soul out i am 2393 294 023948238402 hi it is john from garfield and i will find your IP address and track you down you know why because i am god i am the sun i am the earth i am the voice of the spokesman