do you know Joel or Joe ? it's a TV show , so far it's off the air and no full episodes can be found online making it a rare show.

anyway I was about to go to sleep , but I couldn't because I had a stomach ache , so I thought watching TV would make me fell better but it did , then when I was about to go to sleep , the tv came on and it said joel's death , I fought it was a some kind of joke , but it wasn't a joke!

Anyway , the episode begun with Joel reading a book then joe came in and said joel a party's going on , come with me ! then Joel came with Joe and they were in the hallway of their apartment

then , while they were in the hallway they found ALF ( from Alf ) and that part scared me , because ALF doesn't appear in Joel or Joe but I watched it anyway , and joe said ALF , what are you doing in our show ? after that , they broke the fourth wall , and ALF said in a demonic voice JOEL , I GOT A SURPRISE FOR YOU and joel said a surprise !?! I love surprises ! then ALF got a chainsaw and chopped Joel's head off and joe said AAAHH !!!!! ALF !!! why did you kill my best friend !? and ALF said SHUT UP JOE !!! BECAUSE YOURE GOING WERE HE'S GOING ... TO HELL !!! and ALF got his chainsaw and killed joe like he did to Joel

then after that , Mario , Jeff , Link , Mega Man , Luigi , Zelda , and Flapjack were killed , and ALF said ALMOST THE ENTIRE WORLD IS DEAD , WARIO IS NEXT !!! so he went to Wario's house and then wario said what are you doing here , you anteater ? and ALF said TO KILL YOU !!!!!!! and he killed Wario.

then , it showed ALF sitting on jeff , Mario , Megaman , Link , Luigi , Wario , Flapjack , and Zelda and ALF turned into a demon and said ME BAD ALF , ME BAD ALF , MAHAHAHAHAHA I HAVE KILLED THE ENTIRE WORLD WITH THE HELP OF SATAN MWAHAHAHAHA !!!!!!!! then it showed the end in bloody writing and the tv went off and I fell asleep with no sweet dreams.

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