It all started normally when I bought a new computer not too long ago. I could say few months ago, I looked in the previous owner's files to see if he or she happened to have anything still saved. I found a sick, disturbing video titled "Jimmy.wmv"

It was a typical Friday night in sunny Tempe, Arizona. I had bought a new computer. A good one, considering it had Windows XP. I never liked Vista or Windows 7 or 8, it was too new for me. The computer started as normal after I plugged it in. The previous owner was obviously a fan of Nickelodeon shows. They had a collage of all the classic, well-known shows of the late 90s and the 2000s. Spongebob, Fairly Odd Parents, Hey Arnold, this guy was old school. One of the pictures though, was odd

Jimmy Neutron was pictured, but in front of a black background with red text that read "Jimmy.". I figured he made that picture in paint. I opened up "My Computer"

I looked in "My Pictures". Nothing. "My Documents". Nothing. "My Videos" held but one file. Jimmy.wmv.

I clicked on the file and the video started immediately. Didn't open in any program though. Just played.

The video began with the normal Jimmy Neutron intro. Again though, at the end, Jimmy stood in front of the black background with the red text. Goddard did not run into him, and all the characters were absent. This was strange. I saw Jimmy sitting on his bed, using a laptop. Jimmy usually had a pc on his desk. These minor differences bothered me. I don't know why, they just...did.

The "camera" so to speak, zoomed on Jimmy's face. Upon further examination, a rotted, aged, face of him showed for about a half a second before fading to black.

The next scene viewed Cindy doing what Jimmy just was. Exactly the same way, to every last detail. Even their laptops looked the same. This time, the screen faded to blood red.

Jimmy was now walking down a long, desert-looking road. He aged as he walked though. Three minutes of this and he only looked about middle aged. Five minutes passed and he looks 70. 

Twenty-eight ghoulish minutes later, he is now a rotting, walking corpse. A close up of his face showed. I almost vomited. Realistic blood and flesh hanging only by threads of skin and muscle. Bones were tinted yellow. The screen faded again to black.


That was what had appeared on my computer screen before it crashed. To this day I have nightmares about that video. And I sometimes wonder, when will I die?