Jessie is one of my favorite shows on Disney channel. But there's lots of stuff I don't like about it. First the makeup they just put too much makeup on Jessie! Second the kids are rude to Bertram and Jessie. Third zuri gosh I hate her! She's the rudest out of the Ross family. I just wish someone would smack across the face( I'm talking about you Jessie!)  and finally Jessie. Let's just say that everything that comes out of Jessie's mouth isn't funny to people and me! But that's not what we're talking about though. I'll tell you the real theory behind Jessie and the kids. First Jessie. When Jessie was born her mother had died from child birth. Ever since then her father has been to rough on her. Jessie's father works in the navy which we all know. But the reason why he'd join the navy is to show the world how strong he is. And that's why he's so hard on Jessie. When Jessie turned 18 she moved to newyork and  became a nanny. She did just to get out of her fathers navy. Next is Emma. Emma is the only Ross kid that's related to her parents. When Emma turned 7 her parents got her a new brother(Luke) instead of a present. The reason why her parents adopt her siblings is because all of them have been through lots of stuff with their parents.  Next Luke.

Luke seems to be the cool one on the show. But there's something we don't know about him. His mother didn't really like the way he turned out when he was born nor his father.  When the years past his parents have been hard on him. So that's why they took him to an adoption center because they couldn't take it anymore. Next Ravi. He'd been adopted in 2011 which was before the events of the show. We all know he's from India and all of that. When Ravi was born his parents loved him. When he was about 8 he found a lizard egg in the market. His parents that it was a baby  bird or something but they were wrong. It was a lizard named mr.kippling( before he was discovered to be a female) his parents that hated him because of that. Next zuri. Zuri is the saddest one. Before she got adopted she was a homeless child with no parents no friends no nothing. Morgan and Christiana found her in the middle of the road. They then adopt her and took her home.   So that includes the theory of Jessie. The script was original gonna be how they were going to adopt the kids and flash backs of Jessie's life but Disney scrapped it out. Because of parents content. So the next time you watch Jessie you will never looked at the characters the same way again