Jerk didn't like Cab, Dealing with people hating him was too much and to have a roomy get all the attention...

One day, I was watching TV. I tuned to Crazy Cartoonz TV, Jerk and Cab!

I always loved this show! So I made some popcorn and a soda and sat down on the chair.

The normal intro played, But! When the part with Jerk yelling played The music turned into horror movie music.

The title card was "The Death of Cab". They would not kill off Cab! Would they?

It started with Cab and Jerk in their car, Driving to someone house to fix the cable (Their Job).

Jerk says "No one likes me!" and Cab says "No! They like you!".

In Jerk's mind, He said "I'm gonna kill Cab!". I was shocked, Cab is Jerk's best friend!

They got to the house, When suddently a man that looked like a demon came and said "Your here!".

He brought them inside, While Cab was fixing the wall... The guy turned back on the power and it shocked Cab!

Cab was on ground, Still Alive... Until Jerk stabbed him 3 times in stomach!

Now the two were holding a bag with Cab's body! 

Jerk had human's eyes, And the demon guy was a demon!

The next day, Jerk was at his job... He looked sad...

He put his hands Into a outlet and died...

I paralyzed... I could not move!


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