anyway , I was watching adult swim and it was 4 AM I didn't recall watching shows this late and I was wandering what would happen in the credits and then it said a special episode of Clarence is coming on and I wanted to watch the special episode so I did watch it

the name of the episode was jeff's grieving it was sort of a sad episode , but I watched it anyway the theme song of Clarence didn't play , and the title of the show was kind of sloppy as well and the weird thing about the episode was that sumo didn't appear and the episode begun with jeff explaining what he was going to do to kill Clarence and sumo

the weird thing was that jeff had ONE eye , and also the weird thing was that jeff had hyper-realistic eyes , even more realistic than CGI and do to all of his failures , he went in the road to get run over then Clarence came in and told him to get off the road to continue his existence

but jeff did not know if he should continue his existence , and then , a huge bottomless area of pitch black color appeared and it showed his cousins being killed by his father , then it showed a high area of pitch white appeared , with his family having fun and playing games while their was a gate blocking it , this would represent heaven and hell

and jeff was like would it be great if I died and jumped into the pitch black ? or would it be great to continue my existence in the pitch white ? and he fought for a second , but he went with the first option and jumped into the pitch black and died then it showed the credits

then , I was shocked after the episode ended it looked like the creators of Clarence are nanners , I mean why would a kids tv show portray death ? and why would a kids tv show portray heaven and hell ? and I liked it anyway , but I can't find it on the internet not even one site it was not there the end . note: if you find the episode online let me know

     credit goes to theorymaker

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